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Ashanti Opens up Her Relationship Journey With Nelly

Ashanti Opens up Her Relationship Journey With Nelly

Ashanti Opens up Her Relationship Journey With Nelly. Ashanti is still beaming with joy over her engagement to Nelly, a moment she described as “beautiful” and “intimate.” The couple, who dated in the early 2000s before breaking up in 2013, rekindled their romance a decade later and are now expecting their first child together.

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight, Ashanti shared details of the proposal, revealing that it was a casual affair at home.

 “I definitely had one of his T-shirts and his boxers,” the 43-year-old singer recalled, adding that she had no idea Nelly would pop the question at that moment. Despite her casual attire, the moment was perfect for the couple, who had spent years apart before reuniting.

Ashanti, who had suspected a proposal might be coming soon, was still overjoyed and surprised when it happened. “I felt like it was gonna come soon,” she said. “I didn’t know when. And the way that it happened was just so funny.”

The couple’s love story dates back to 2003 when they met at a Grammys press conference. They were romantically linked soon after and dated for ten years before parting ways in 2013. During their time apart, Ashanti insisted there was “no beef” between them. They unexpectedly reunited in 2021 during Ja Rule and Fat Joe’s Verzuz battle and confirmed they were back together in 2023.

Now, with a baby on the way, Ashanti and Nelly are planning their future together. While wedding planning is on the horizon, it’s not the immediate focus. “We’re both extremely busy, obviously with the baby coming, everything else takes the back seat,” Ashanti noted. She expressed her desire to have the baby before the wedding but did hint at having a month in mind for their nuptials, though she kept the exact date a secret.

As for her dream wedding, Ashanti envisions a blend of “fashion, glam, Caribbean vibes” with essential elements like a beach, ocean, sunshine, and palm trees. The singer’s excitement for the big day is palpable, though she emphasized the importance of focusing on their baby’s arrival first.

The news of their engagement and impending parenthood has delighted fans, many of whom have followed the couple’s journey from their initial romance to their recent reunion. In April, Ashanti confirmed her pregnancy and engagement in an interview with Essence. “This new year of my life is such a blessing full of love, hope, and anticipation,” she said. “Motherhood is something that I have looked forward to, and sharing this with my family, fiancé, and loyal fans, who have been so supportive of my career, is an amazing experience.”

Throughout their relationship, both past and present, Ashanti and Nelly have also collaborated musically. In 2009, Ashanti appeared in Nelly’s music video for “Body on Me.” More recently, in February, they collaborated on “This Lil’ Game We Play” by Jermaine Dupri. Reflecting on their latest musical endeavor, Ashanti told PEOPLE, “It’s always fun. It was a ball. A lot of artists don’t get to record together, but we were actually in the studio together at the same time, which was cool.”

As Ashanti and Nelly prepare for the next chapter of their lives, their story serves as a testament to enduring love and second chances. Their journey, filled with ups and downs, has culminated in a joyous reunion, a baby on the way, and plans for a wedding that promises to be as magical as their love story. Fans eagerly await the arrival of their child and the couple’s dream wedding, cheering them on every step of the way.


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Written by Jamil Johnson