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Anthony Mackie is the first Avenger to openly address the Jonathan Majors scandal

Since Majors was first accused with domestic abuse, a large number of women have allegedly come forward, bravely sharing their own traumatic stories with the prestigious Manhattan District Attorney’s office.

However, as the Marvel Cinematic Universe hangs in the balance, the newly appointed Captain America, played by Anthony Mackie, implores fans and observers alike to exercise prudence and avoid from immediately passing judgment.

In an insightful interview with Inverse, Mackie highlighted his steadfast devotion to fairness and justice, saying, “As a nation, we pride ourselves on upholding the fundamental principle of ‘innocent until proven guilty.”

It is a pillar of our collective identity, firmly ingrained in the fabric of this vast nation. At this time, no substantial proof has been offered to support the charges brought against this individual. There are none.


As a result, we must continue to adhere to the sacred concept of presumption of innocent unless proven guilty. Such is the perplexing condition of events in which we find ourselves as a civilization. However, be aware that in our nation, one is deemed innocent unless proven guilty.”

Mackie’s comments ring true, emphasizing the complicated societal setting in which we find ourselves. It serves as a powerful reminder of the underlying ideals that constitute our country, reminding us to tread carefully as we negotiate this perilous landscape of claims and assertions.

The magnitude of the task before us is overwhelming, but let us remain grounded in time-honored ideals that have guided us through numerous trials. For in this magnificent nation, the idea of innocence until proven guilty stays firm, a beacon of hope in the midst of raging storms of doubt.

There’s something awful about Mackie, one of the franchise’s earliest and most notable Black characters, being forced to remark on a matter involving an actor he hasn’t even worked with (yet, presuming they both finish up in Avengers: Kang Dynasty).

Having said that, he could have followed the party line and refrained to remark, but instead has become the first big Marvel employee to speak out.

Meanwhile, Majors’ publicist is working overtime for him after he allegedly filed a domestic abuse charge against his accuser last week.

Majors claimed in the lawsuit, acquired by Insider, that his ex-girlfriend was the one who turned physically aggressive during their altercation (scratching his face and causing bloody scratches), as well as accusing her of past attacks, including a “verbal dispute in London that became physical.”

According to Majors’ lawyer, police found probable cause to arrest his ex, but Manhattan prosecutors “for some reason” declined to pursue the matter, according to Insider.

Perhaps they declined to prosecute because they had several additional victims on record to verify Majors’ abusive conduct; perhaps they declined because Majors’ response is a textbook instance of DARVO (deny, attack, reverse victim and offender).

In every scenario, his accuser is presumed innocent unless proven guilty. Majors, for example, will appear in court on August 3.

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Written by Anthony Peters