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Angelica Ross Criticizes Ryan Murphy and Announces Departure from Hollywood

The Hollywood Reporter reports that she is leaving Hollywood for Georgia to work in politics.

Murphy protested over crew members’ T-shirts. Ross termed the shirts “racist” and “Build That Wall” and “I Don’t Kneel.”

Ross was stunned by the clothing in her scenario. She left, got into a production vehicle, and vowed not to return until the man took off or turned his shirt inside out.

Later, producer John J. Gray told Ross the shirts were a freedom-of-speech issue and production couldn’t help. Ross tweeted, “It’s a shame that I do all this work out in the world on anti-Blackness and racism and have to come to a set and do the same work.” Executive producer Tanase Popa called Ross to ask her to delete the tweet and say the issue was being handled. 

Ryan Murphy calls me two seconds later. He probably heard the whole conversation. Not ‘Are you OK?’ “Not ‘What’s going on?’” Ross said. His first words are, “What’s your f–king problem?” Are you sure?! After my advocacy and empowerment of trans Black women, he asks, “You think I would f–king silence you?”

Popa disputes this yarn. “I am not silencing,” Popa replied after Ross accused her of “silencing.” You may tweet or say anything, but I propose we follow protocol so we can solve a problem on set instead of going to Twitter.

He says Murphy called her after 10 minutes, not “two seconds later.”

“Ryan did many takes for 10 minutes. He headed outside after phoning her. I accompanied him. With his assistant Sara Stelwagen there, he didn’t curse or say, “After all I’ve done for you, why would you do this?” Popa said. He said, ‘I don’t see why you would go to Twitter instead of coming to us.’

Ryan Murphy’s spokesman referred TheWrap to Popa’s Hollywood Reporter remarks.

After their chat, Ross told Murphy she was being asked to be an advocate and actress after “Pose.” “To co-opt that energy only so he can use my essence whenever he wants to remove me from his actor toolbox is tokenization. Because he doesn’t mean what he says,” Ross stated in an interview.

The former “AHS” actor claimed Murphy eventually apologized and wanted to be her “biggest champion.”

Ross said she was offered $28,000 each episode to star on “American Horror Story.” She threatened to leave after $50,000. After receiving a “significant bump” in income, she joined the series.

Ross hopes to return to Georgia and enter politics after “leaving Hollywood” earlier this week. Ross appeared in “Pose,” “American Horror Story”’s “1984” and “Double Feature” seasons, “Transparent,” “Claws,” and “Danger and Eggs.”

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Written by Anthony Peters