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Angela Yee Reacts To Jess Hilarious Being Named Her Permanent “Breakfast Club” Replacement

Angela Yee Reacts As Jess Hilarious Is Named

Angela Yee Reacts As Jess Hilarious Is Named As Her Permanent “Breakfast Club” Replacement. Yee explains, “I am aware that this role is not an easy one.”

The announcement that Jess Hilarious would be permanently joining The Breakfast Club as a co-host came earlier this week after much speculation about her future role on the show.

It was a clever video she posted on Instagram, which incorporated fragments of some of the criticism she has gotten over the last several months. She shared the joyful news with her followers.

As the video comes to a close, Jess appears on a throne positioned between DJ Envy and Charlamagne Tha God.

She declares that she is here to stay. “Thoughts About Breakfast Club Be Like,” she captioned the video containing the footage.

In a recent episode of Way Up, Angela Yee recognized the news and praised Jess for the achievement. She also congratulated Jess for her effort.

She opens a new video clip by saying, “Today I believe that we ought to shine a light on Jess Hilarious for joining The Breakfast Club that she has joined.” “Congratulations to her; I know it’s not an easy job.”

Many fans have thanked Yee for supporting Jess Hilarious throughout this shift. “What I like is how she recognized her assuming her position in a good way. One commentator said, “This is how you pass the torch.”

“I adore this! Even though she is doing her own thing and has passed the mantle, @angelayee does not express any hater feelings in this footage. I can’t wait to see them work together in the future.

This vibe is very stunning,” adds another person.

It seems like Charlamagne and DJ Envy were just as excited to find out who their third host would be as fans before the announcement that Jess made on Instagram, as discussed above. “I cannot wait to find out the answer to that question. When I say that, I just come up from the basement.

According to what Charlamagne shared with the media earlier this month, “It was just me and Envy doing the show again. Everyone saw us rotating guest hosts,” Charlamagne said. “We said we were gonna start 2024 with a new host, and that hasn’t happened yet.”

Because Angela Yee has congratulated Jess Hilarious on her new permanent role on The Breakfast Club, what are your first thoughts?

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