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Andrew Tate’s prosecution files included vivid charges of coercion

The case file summary, which contains hundreds of pages of evidence and transcripts, includes an accusation of sexual aggression that allegedly resulted in eye and breast damage to one lady.

And, according to authorities, Mr Tate’s brother Tristan seems to imply in transcribed audio communications that he would “slave these bitches.”

Both men are on trial in Romania for human trafficking and conspiring with two other defendants to construct an organized criminal enterprise.

Andrew Tate is also charged with rape.

They reject all of the allegations leveled against them. Some of the communications may have been written or recorded in English, then translated into Romanian by prosecutors before re-translated into English.

Because the original evidence is not included in the summary sheet, it cannot confirm whether the communications were correctly transcribed or sent by the defendants as stated.

The document obtained 300 pages of reported testimony and evidence in the pre-trial prosecution case against Andrew Tate, whose controversial ideas and internet influence have prompted warnings from schools, police, and rights organizations.

A replicated text exchange in which Mr. Tate seems to claim control of the pornographic content company that authorities believe was a human trafficking network is included in the summary.

The Tate brothers, together with two Romanian women, were charged with human trafficking and creating an organized criminal gang in June by Romania’s Organized Criminal Unit.

Andrew Tate, who was in court for the indictment, said they were “not the first affluent men to be unfairly attacked” and that he hoped to be proved innocent.

Earlier this summer, Romanian prosecutors said in a statement that the Tate brothers recruited their alleged victims by deceiving them about their romantic intentions before transporting the women to a house on the outskirts of Bucharest, where they were sexually exploited and forced to produce pornographic content through physical violence and mental coercion.

In a pre-trial hearing later this month, the Tates’ lawyers are likely to question the prosecution evidence, and some of the items alluded to in the case file reviewed might be declared inadmissible.

Even if the evidence is ruled to be admissible, the defendants may object to it during the trial.

The accused may deny making these comments and question their truth or context. They may also argue that they do not fulfill the legal requirement for any offense committed.

The dossier contains evidence from numerous women who resided in a building near Tates’ residence on the outskirts of Bucharest. The ladies claim that the defendants controlled their online pornographic material revenue, as well as certain accounts and passwords.

Prosecutors claim Georgiana Naghel, one of the Tates’ two Romanian co-defendants, controlled access to the money earned on the OnlyFans website.

Prosecutors claim she would pay the ladies in the OnlyFans videos large amounts of money each month without disclosing their overall income.

They claim the defendants got 50% of the money from TikTok content – and occasionally more.

Witnesses allege they were also pushed to generate certain material on a fixed timeline, under fear of verbal and physical violence.

Threats to “break your teeth” or “end up in the morgue” were allegedly made by Ms Naghel in transcribed text conversations.

She is also accused of assaulting one of the victims, which she denies.

According to one witness, the defendants imposed fines of roughly 10% on the ladies performing online for minor offenses such as lingering too long on a break, sobbing while live online, or wiping their nose while live.

As a consequence, one of the ladies is said to be in debt to the tune of €4,000 (£3,412).

A lawyer representing the two female defendants said they firmly disputed the charges, which were unsupported by any proof, and were waiting for the court to rule on their innocence.

The prosecutors’ file also purports to contain transcriptions of audio messages from 2020, in which Tristan Tate appears to say he does not want women on sites like PornHub and OnlyFans to have access to their accounts: “I don’t want them to have the passwords, I don’t want them to have anything.”

“I don’t want to tell them they have OnlyFans, I want that money to go to me and you, screw them…”

Another passage from the transcript states, “Mainly I’m going to slave these bitches […] I’m going to make them work even longer and longer hours. I treat these babes like slaves. […] SLAVE labor. “At least 10 or 12 hours per day.”

The Tate brothers, as well as several of the women who worked for them, previously told authorities that the charges were motivated by envy.

Prosecutors classify two ladies as victims since they claim they did not share their earnings with anybody. Both ladies have openly stated their intimate personal relationships to the guys and their support for them.

Prosecutors will also attempt to piece together a picture of controlling behavior and severe constraints, mostly via witness evidence and texts purportedly exchanged between the different parties.

This allegedly includes a bar on freshly arriving ladies leaving the residence without permission and being escorted by one of the Tates’ close pals.

They claim that after being hired, the ladies were assigned to the supervision of the two female defendants, Ms Naghel and Luana Radu.

The prosecution emphasize claimed text interactions between Tristan Tate and Ms Naghel concerning company management.

However, the papers obtained include a transcript of a text conversation sent by one claimed victim to Andrew Tate last year in which she asks whether he is “the one running the girl business/OnlyFans and TikTok.”

“Tristan and G are,” Andrew seems to say.

“But I’m the one who leads them.”

We requested a response from the Tates to these allegations. They fiercely refuted the severe claims against them, according to a spokesman. She claims “substantial evidence pointing to their innocence” without providing details or addressing the claims stated.

‘I can’t do it without alcohol.’

Mr Tate seems to blend words of love and marriage with commands, threats, allusions to rape, or insults such as “bitch” or “whore” in additional transcribed communications that prosecutors believe took place between this alleged victim and Andrew Tate over many weeks, according to prosecutors.

According to the file, the claimed victim seems to request that he refrain from using such expressions.

According to the file, in response to a request for group sex, she informs Andrew Tate, “I will not have sex with girls.” This is not going to happen.” Then, “Baby, I’ve got to drink for this.” I can’t do it until I drink.”

Mr Tate allegedly replied, “Don’t be dull […] I’d want to see you surrender to me […] Shut up, you whore, and do what I say.”

This is not the only abuse claim. The case file summary includes extensive witness statements of Mr Tate’s alleged aggression towards women.

According to one alleged rape victim, he urged her to take off her clothing while keeping her shoes on, then “slapped her across the face” during one episode.

She claims she couldn’t refuse Mr Tate because he would hold her head during sex, telling her he didn’t want to get bad messages from her and threatening to make her pregnant and imprison her in a home.

The accused victim “was crying and scared because she thought [Andrew Tate] was capable of anything,” according to the prosecution case.

The two persons were apparently alone in the room at the time, according to the file, but prosecutors are attempting to contextualize this testimony in light of the defendant’s claimed broader behavior and background.


Another lady told investigators that Andrew Tate’s sex violence was his method of “venting frustration” when she didn’t do what he said.

Silvia Tabusca, a human trafficking specialist, said that prosecutors would need to establish that the defendants deceived their claimed victims about their motive for the connection to prove their case. Even if the ladies agreed, she added, trafficking may still occur.

Andrew Tate emphatically denied abusing or manipulating any women earlier this year, stating that he had “never hurt anybody” and that the allegation against him was “completely and utterly fabricated.”

He has also repeatedly said that the media and others take his words out of context and combine them in ways that do not represent reality.

The file also mentions money transactions, including £4 million reportedly deposited by Andrew Tate into an online bank account labeled “Rev Only Fans.”

Prosecutors allege in their report that the Tate brothers do not appear to have income “from lawful activities,” but that beginning in 2018, they acquired “numerous properties,” “15 of the rarest and most expensive cars,” valued at more than £3 million, a and two Romanian women well as jewelry and $400,000 in cryptocurrency.

According to prosecutors, subscriptions to two online organizations, the War Room and Hustler’s University, look to bring in roughly $5 million each month in membership fees.

Romania is ready to trial this case in front of a worldwide audience. Its Organized Crime Unit acknowledged earlier this year that it was still investigating probable crimes of trafficking in children and money laundering in connection with this case. No suspects have been officially named as of yet.

The trial itself might take years to conclude.

Prosecutors said Andrew Tate’s video lectures on how to recruit, manipulate, and exploit women correspond to the evidence.

However, his followers laud his financial success and discipline.

Andrew Tate’s online persona has already split the globe into prosecution and defense. However, his real-life acts will be on trial in the judicial proceedings set to commence in Bucharest.

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