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Benzino Defends R. Kelly Comments Amid Dispute with Daughter Coi Leray

Benzino Defends R. Kelly Comments Amid Dispute with Daughter Coi Leray

Benzino Defends R. Kelly Comments Amid Dispute with Daughter Coi Leray. Former Source magazine co-founder Benzino addressed his daughter Coi Leray’s disappointment at his R. Kelly defence. Benzino’s statements have strained their relationship further.

On the Famous & Wealthy podcast, Benzino lamented Coi Leray’s criticism of his R. Kelly stance. He cited a Math Hoffa My Expert Opinion podcast conversation with Coi Leray, in which she disclosed she lost her virginity at 14. With her vehement opposition to his statements on the discredited R&B artist, Benzino found this information contradictory.

“She made a comment about the R. Kelly situation and said that she doesn’t want to have anything to do with me,” he added.

“Because of R. Kelly. But then, right? Four months ago, she appeared on Math Hoffa. And Math Hoffa—which I thought was a strange question. But hey… You know, she’s grown, like she said? Sometimes I don’t think they’re grown. But anyhow, okay. He asked, ‘Hey, when did you lose your virginity?’ At 14, she said.”

Benzino continued to express his dissatisfaction with his daughter’s public pronouncements and apparent contradictions. Her personal experiences made him doubt her consistency.

“Now first, right, I didn’t know, you know what I’m saying?” Benzino carried on. “So I’m like… You criticise me for stating what I’m saying, which is adult talk. I didn’t mention you. Since this was my conversation, you shouldn’t have ever gotten involved.”

“Alright, because you involved yourself, right? Given that you lost your virginity at 14, how can you say that? “Is the guy you lost your virginity to at 14 a paedophile?”

This heated discussion raises doubts about their father-daughter connection. Benzino’s comments show his daughter misinterprets and harshly judges him. Coi Leray’s denunciation of her father’s defence of R. Kelly shows her strong stance on sexual misbehaviour and her wish to avoid unpopular opinions.

Reconciliation and disagreement have marked their relationship. However, their present conflict appears to be their worst.


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