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Alabama football player Tony Mitchell attempted to flee at 141 mph: police

Alabama football player Tony Mitchell was clocked fleeing Florida police at 141mph before being arrested with $7,000, 226 grams of marijuana and a loaded gun in his Dodge Challenger, the Holmes County Sheriff’s Office has announced.

Police say Mitchell admitted to ‘fleeing law enforcement’ last week after being told by his passenger, Christopher Lewis, to ‘punch it’ – ostensibly a directive to speed away from officers.

Mitchell and Lewis were each charged with possession of marijuana and intent to sell and/or distribute, while Lewis was also charged with carrying a concealed firearm without a permit.

“When asked if there was marijuana in the vehicle, Mitchell produced a baggie of marijuana from the passenger floorboard. Both Mitchell and Lewis were taken into custody.”

the Holmes County Sheriff’s Office wrote on its Facebook page

When asked if there was marijuana in the car, Mitchell gave officers approximately two ounces of the drug, which is illegal in Florida without a medical card. Another six ounces were discovered on the passenger-side floorboard, according to the report. The pair then admitted to having 100 grams, in addition to a firearm.

Mr. Mitchell who had a concealed weapons permit was unable to describe the firearm to Lt. Morris.

The firearm (Spring Field 9mm) was between the front passenger seat and center console concealed from ordinary view with one live round within the chamber and two live rounds within the magazine that was seated within the magazine well of the firearm.

Police attempted to initiate a traffic stop when they clocked him going 78 mph in a 55 mph zone.

Lewis then accelerated to 141 mph, causing officers to lose him, per their report.

When the vehicle again passed by where the cops were stationed, they were able to pull him over.

Officers found Mitchell’s eyes to be “red and glazy” while he offered slow and delayed responses to their questions.

Mitchell was suspended by the team and “all team activities,” coach Nick Saban said at the Crimson Tide’s first spring practice.

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Written by Jamil Johnson