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Al Sharpton Warning To Trump Supporters: “He Called For The Death Penalty For 5 Young Black Men”

Al Sharpton opposes rappers who look to be “seduced” by Donald Trump and urges them to recall Trump’s previous efforts to execute the Central Park Five.

A few hip-hop musicians and many Black conservatives have falsely claimed that Trump’s criminal records would benefit him with Black voters.

On Tuesday, Sharpton told Joy Reid, “Let’s not go back to the 1930s; let’s go to the 1990s when five young Black and brown men were falsely accused of raping a White woman in Central Park.” Donald Trump advertised in New York newspapers that they should be executed.”

Reid began her broadcast by discussing “critical Trump theory” and said of the former president’s staff, “It doesn’t stop with just co-opting Black oppression.” No, no. They’re also experimenting with hip-hop culture.”

“Recall that in the 1990s and early 2000s, it was common for rappers to use Trump as a symbol of wealth and power.”

“Nelly, Yung Joc, and, of course, Kanye, who Trump would later use to convince Black voters that he wasn’t racist as the MAGA hat-wearing Ye,” Reid continued.

“In the Oval Office, Trump even pardoned Kodak Black and Lil Wayne.” See, Blacks, he’s on your side.”

Reid continues, “Of course, the irony is that his hip-hop avatar was based on a media-constructed lie.” Like ‘Cribs’ and ‘The Apprentice,’ Trump was never a millionaire.

He wasn’t even a real estate tycoon. He just inherited a large sum of money, squandered it, filed bankruptcy five times, and still received bank loans because he became renowned.”

“If you let Trump people tell it, the March on Washington was about freeing Donald Trump,” Reid said in her first question to Sharpton.

They’re attempting to take everything that has occurred to Black Americans in real life and say, ‘That isn’t real, you can’t teach it in school, we’ve made it illegal for you to even speak about it, none of that systemic racism is real.’

But everything Black people have ever asserted about systematic oppression is accurate, except for this one individual. What are your thoughts?”

Sharpton, clearly disturbed, reminded viewers that Donald Trump was the guy who put out advertisements in New York newspapers demanding the death sentence for the Central Park 5.

“So they want to cite how the criminal justice system has abused Blacks,” he added of the rappers in issue. Cite the case where we lost, and it was finally revealed that the five young men Donald Trump called on to get the death sentence were innocent.”

“The only case of race in the criminal justice system that I’ve ever seen Donald Trump stand up for in New York, where he’s a native,” Sharpton added, “was when he called for the death penalty of five innocent young Black and brown young men.”

He also said that one of the five males attended the March on Washington Memorial last weekend. “One spent 13 years in prison, and he was with us for the March on Washington on Saturday,” Sharpton remarked.


Let them come and tell the rappers and others captivated by Trump what he did to innocent Black men in his city as we marched around their innocence.”

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Written by Anthony Peters