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Accused Takeoff Shooter Patrick Clark Indicted on Murder Charges by Harris County Grand Jury

Patrick Clark, the man accused of killing Migos rapper TakeOff, has been indicted by a Harris County grand jury on murder charges, according to the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.

Takeoff was the victim of a shooting that sparked after a fight outside a bowling alley party in Houston.

Specifically, the shooting erupted after an argument began over an alleged dice game. Quavo, Takeoff’s uncle and fellow Migos groupmate, was notably at the scene of the incident.

Clark was first arrested in December for the crime but was released in early January after posting a $1 million bond.

Clark was arrested for murder in connection with TakeOff’s death in December 2022. This indictment means a grand jury has formally charged him with murder.

“Today’s action by the grand jury is not unexpected. We would ask people to remember that getting an indictment requires meeting a very, very minimal standard of proof.”

Clark’s attorney, Carl Moore said

“When we get inside a courtroom and in front of a jury, where we will be able to put on our evidence and cross-examine the state’s witnesses— where the standard of proof is guilt beyond a reasonable doubt— we expect the jury will come back with a verdict of not guilty.”

Clark recently asked for a private investigator to prepare for his defense, but asking the judge for $5,000, saying he can’t cover the costs alone.

Clark was capture on video pulling a gun and shooting muitple rounds while also holding a wine bottle. Clark was then seen running to the House of Blues.

He doubled back to the bowling alley before leaving the area.

When he was originally arrested, Patrick Clark had a gun with him but it was different from the one used in Takeoff’s shooting.

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Written by Rene Harris