I know it can get difficult at times and even discouraging but I’m here to tell you that no matter who you are, no matter what age you can achieve your goal to get the body you want it deserve and I have absolutely no doubt about it.

However it’s going to be tough without the right guidance.  Sure you can try many different things on your own and see inconsistent results here and there but if there’s one thing that I learned on my own personal health and fitness journey it’s this

having the right blueprint would’ve saved me so much money, time and energy.

I wasted a lot of these valuable assets trying what I thought was the right thing.

I want to help shorten your path on your weight loss journey with this short guide your about to read.

Time is of the essence so we won’t waste too much time getting right into it. First I want to address some common myths in the weight loss industry.

As a person who wasted many years and suffered greatly from negative body image issues I hate to see the lies and myths spread all over the internet to people who are simply looking for a genuine formula to help them get in their best shape.

So with that being said let’s get into the 7 truths about weight loss that will shock you.

Let’s touch on each one individually

#1 Diets are hard to maintain over long periods

Many people believe that a diet is the answer to all of their problems when it comes to fat loss. From personal experience and from proven scientific data this is simply not the case.

In fact many studies have shown that diets can actually do more harm than good. Not only can diets have negative effects on your metabolism making your journey to weight loss that much more difficult but there is another pseudo-science fact behind the negative effects of dieting.

In a nutshell without boring you with too much of technical science, the human body is not built for dieting. The human body doesn’t care about making you the sexiest version possible.

The human body cares about one thing, SURVIVAL. Back in cave man days they would eat large portions of meat one day and go sometimes days without eating after that.

Despite not eating for days on end many of them still maintained a decent weight. The reason they still maintained their weight is because the human body is designed for survival.

So although they would sometimes go days without eating their body held on to whatever bits of fat and water weight it had stored order to keep them alive.

What I just explained here is the science of a hormone that our body naturally produces to regulate our weight called LEPTIN.

There are many programs out there that encourage these strict long term diets and many do see results but in the long run these methods of fat loss are not very effective.

For one after a few months strict dieting what will inevitably happen is a guarantee a relapse.

When leptin and the metabolism are negatively affected by these strict diets, the body grows increasingly hungrier, thus making sticking with the diet that much more difficult if not impossible to stick with.

In fact you will actually come to find that when you do go on one of these diets that your progress will eventually come to a complete STOP.

This is just leptin doing what he’s supposed to do which is KEEP YOU ALIVE.

# 2 Eating one type of food is not the smartest choice

There are plenty of diet programs out there that swear by eating this one type of food. Whether that is a predominately fat based diet, predominately protein based diet, or predominately carb based diet.

Don’t get me wrong many can get results with these fad diets where you eat one food and stick with it. But let’s be honest, how sustainable will it be to maintain this over the course of the long term?

Your goal is to not only drop weight and get in shape but it’s to also STAY this way. You do plan on being in shape as long as you can right?

If that’s the case then you mean to tell me for the next 10, 20, 30 years to come you plan to eat predominately fat based diet? Or a predominately protein based diet? I don’t know about you but that doesn’t sound the least bit sustainable or practical.

Besides this point, the fact of the matter is there is a reason we have many different macro nutrients in the form of food. Protein carbs and fats are all vital to our diets and to maintaining our health.

I personally tried many of these fad diets that encourage you to eat one macro nutrient and I hated it. In all honesty the methods of these fad diets are simply ridiculous in my personal opinion.

I love all forms of food protein, fats, and carbs and eating only one of these didn’t make me happy nor did I see the long term results that I wanted.

I’m not going to call out any diets specifically but I will say this to anyone following these types of diets, we have all of the macro nutrients in our food groups for a reason.

Protein fats and carbs all play a vital role in maintaining the proper production in our bodies, you may see some quick results with these fad diets but it will not be something you can sustain over the course of a lifetime. Your health may even begin to suffer because of the lack of getting all of your macro nutrients.

#3 More time in the gym is not the solution

When I first decided that I wanted to do something about my body, I did the first thing that everyone does when they make that decision. I waited until after New Year’s and then went ALL IN.

I started going to the gym 6 days a week for 2 – 3 hours per session. Without a doubt I saw results but what end up happening after keeping this up for a couple of years is my body begun to break down little by little.

Not only did my body begin break down but my willpower gave completely out on me. Basically I burned out.

The funny thing about this situation was while I was busting my butt in the gym 6 days a week for hours on end, there were people (men and women) who I seen only half the time I was there and they were in very good shape.

Much of the progress I seen with my aggressive start on my fitness journey was reversed from overworking my body to death.

The stress and strain of going to the gym every day on top of the struggles of daily living just overtaxed me mentally and physically.

I say this to say that the old saying often reins true especially on your weight loss journey. WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER.

If you want to go to the gym 6 to 7 days out of the week for your own enjoyment then be my guess but if your goal is to lose weight and to look good then this excessive time in the gym is simply not necessary.

The most important thing your body needs in order to see the rewards of your labor is REST. So be sure you are getting plenty of it and don’t overwork yourself.

#4 Too much “healthy” food can be a bad thing

We are often told that we should follow diets consisting mainly of “healthy” foods. This includes vegetables, fruits, grains, etc.

Making sure that you eat a well-rounded diet that consist of clean fruits, vegetables, etc. is indeed very important; but like all things in life especially when it comes to weight loss you need to strike a reasonable balance.

I’m not encouraging to you go about your day freely eating cookies, cake, and candy. What I’m saying is if your goal is weight loss then restrictive diets that make you eat boring salads every day is not something you have to do.

When I went on my weight loss journey I went completely cold turkey and cut out everything I considered to be bad food out of my diet. I would eat only fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and foods of that nature.

I started out very strong adopting this style of eating but as time went on I began to have uncontrollable cravings for foods that I would consider unhealthy. Burgers, fries, pizza began to haunt me day and night.

The temptations often became so unbearable that I would have frequent relapses and binge out on foods that I labeled “forbidden” foods in my mind.

It’s just one cookie I would tell myself before I found myself eating an entire package with a tall cup of milk.

Later I discovered my flaw as to why I was having these frequent relapses that would ruin all of my week’s dieting progress.

Because I had categorized certain foods in my mind as “forbidden foods” the temptation to want them would be that much stronger.

If you know anything about the human mind it is that we always want what we can’t have. It wasn’t until later on that when I let go of the stigma of forbidden foods that I not only got in better shape but I also chose healthier eating choices without any resistance.

#5 Personal Trainers are expensive.


Don’t get me wrong; if you have the money by all means invest in a personal trainer. Personal trainers can show you a lot and help keep you accountable on your weight loss journey.

However over time spending money on a personal trainer every month can seriously drain your pockets. Personal trainers can only hold you accountable for so long the work and the discipline ultimately has to come from you!

I can’t tell you how many people I witnessed sign up to get a personal trainer and after months and even years of spending thousands of dollars every month all of a sudden just quit.

Indeed I seen many personal trainers train clients who I know were spending a lot for just one session have little to no progress.

Again at the end of the day personal trainers can show you methods and techniques but the ability to follow through and complete the program can only come from you.

#6 Pills won’t get you in shape

There are many supplement companies out there that swear that “this ONE PILL will help drop inches off your waist” or “take this supplement daily to drop three dress sizes.”

I am an advocate for supplements but these claims are simply not true. Most supplements are just that, supplements.

Yes they can help you and I even recommend that you take supplements to aid you in your health optimization but when someone makes these claims that you will lose inches off your waist just by taking this one pill, don’t believe them.

Despite pills not being the magic formula for weight loss there is something that I use that I will touch on more in just a sec that I used to drop weight, optimize my health and maintain to this day.

In fact this thing that I speak of has really been my secret weapon that helped accelerate my weight loss and health optimization journey. I’ll touch on it more in a sec so keep om reading.

#7 Weight loss is more than just burning calories

That’s right, you heard me. I know this goes against everything you heard about about weight loss but hear me out.

When I begun my weight loss journey I put my foot to the pedal and went on a extreme caloric deficit diet. In a nut shell I cut my calories significantly from what I was taking prior to my new plan.

To my delight I lost weight fast but then something happen around the 1 month mark that had me completely frustrated and a depressed.

I found that my weight loss slowed down significantly after the initial rapid weight loss in the first month.

I couldn’t figure out why. My calories was well down the number that I should have been intaking to burn fat and lose weight every week.

In fact the more and more I restricted my calories the bigger I got. I became bloated and my appetite began to go rapid. To top it off my physique didn’t look any where as appealing as I envisioned.

Something was not right and I have to give it out…

It was at that moment as if blessed by the angels in the heavens that I came across something that changed my weight loss journey forever.

That thing that changed my life was Ikaria Lean Belly Juice.

What is Ikaria Lean Belly Juice you may ask? I’ll be happy to tell.

Ikaria Juice is not the typical weight loss trend or some pill that you take that gets you temporary results.

Ikaria Juice is a all in one, organic, superfood drink that comes in the form of a grounded up powder.

What makes Ikaria Juice so revolutionary for those that are seeking to lose weight and optimize their health is the unique blend of rare ancient herbs and ingredients used to create the product.

What I found is when losing weight cutting calories is not enough because your body doesn’t operate at its maximum level when deprives of vital nutrients and minerals.

Many people who are seeking to lose weight as fast as possible fail to recognize this and fall victim to a stalling in their health journey.

What Ikaria Juice did for me was literally help my body understand that it needs an array of vital vitamins and nutrients to keep the body flourishing. With this flourishing of the body all systems begin to lag out of the need for self protection.

Ikaria Juice offers a unique blend of ancient ingredients that include but are not limited too:

  • Beet root
  • Hibiscus
  • Strawberry Extract
  • Acai Extract
  • African Mango Extract
  • Blueberry Extract
  • Black Currant Extract
  • Fucoxanthin
  • Panax Ginseng
  • Bioperine
  • Resveratol
  • EGCG
  • Taraxacum
  • Citrus Pectin
  • Milk Thistle

All of these ingredients are 100% natural and organic with no harmful side effects and are deprived from all plants and ancient herbs! Not to mention the drink is very tasty!

I take Ikaria Juice once sometimes twice a day in my water body with fresh cold spring water and it completely reinvigorates my entire body.

After drinking this I feel recharged and ready to go with no hints of the jitters or tiredness.

Another thing about Ikaria that makes it special is the unique herb blend allows the body to get rid of fat in a very unique fashion.

One way it does this is by the properties of the herbs target fat and accelerate fat loss through diminishing fat cells in the body through a unique process of flushing out clogged fat and targeting ceramides ( a compound in the body that force fat cells into your blood stream)

All in all this product helped me speed up my slack in my weight loss journey and get me down to my desired weight loss goal.

I still take it today every morning with water or sometimes in a afternoon smoothie.

But that’s it for me and this article on the 7 truths about weight loss that will shock you.

I highly recommend you go and grab a you mix of Ikaria Juice now and experience the amazing benefits for yourself!

Try risk free. Grab yours now by clicking the link below and if you don’t experience the amazing results from Ikaria juice they will give you your money back guarantee within 30 days!

Check Out Ikaria Lean Belly Juice

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Written by Rochelle Daniels