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Woman carried off plane in Miami after trying to fight passenger, bite cops

A young woman was carried off a Frontier Airlines flight at Miami International Airport after getting into a foul-mouthed brawl with another passenger while boarding.


Simone Bryna Kim, 24, of Killeen, Texas, was arrested on Tuesday afternoon after she had to be carried off the flight by Miami-Dade police officers.

Four cops dragged off a woman off a Frontier Airlines flight by her limbs after she threatened to attack a fellow passenger and tried to bite responding cops.

“I’ll beat you the f–k up. What you trying to be on. I’m going to rock your s**t.”

Kim yelled at a male passenger

“‘If you’re real, show me what’s up. I’m going to beat you the f–k up on this s–t, I guarantee you, I guarantee you,’ she continued.

“You’re not even from Philly,” she said to the man at one point, as a woman tried to intervene.

Kim could then be seen refusing to leave the plane after a crew member tried to defuse the situation, with police later called in to remove her.

A crew member in a yellow vest can be seen asking Kim to leave, but she refused, causing the police to respond. When she refused again, law enforcement asked everyone to get off the plane.

When Kim was informed she was under arrest, she started to ‘push [and] pull’ away from officers and scratched and bit some of them. She was later carried off the plane and taken to jail.

Video from inside the airplane show a group of officers escorting her off the flight. By the time they reach the end of the staircase, four officers had to carry her to the squad car.

Officers attempted to put leg restraints on her but she began kicking when they did. She also nearly knocked an officer down the stairs during her struggles.

Kim faces two felonies for battery on a police officer, one felony for resisting an officer with violence, and three misdemeanors for assaulting an officer, and another misdemeanor for trespassing.

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Written by Jamil Johnson