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Travis Scott being tracked for punching a sound engineer in the face: $12K in damages!

Rapper Travis Scott socked a sound engineer in the face and damaged $12,000 worth of equipment at a Midtown club early Wednesday, authorities and police sources said.

The 31-year-old rapper  who has not been arrested and remains at large, punched the 52-year-old man during a dispute inside club Nebula on West 41st Street near Broadway around 2 a.m., according to police and the sources.

He also damaged an audio speaker and a video screen, worth about $12,000, cops said.

“Travis came in angry and intoxicated and progressively went postal. His shirt said ‘Back the f–k up.’ It’s like he was poised for battle. It was foreshadowing.” A source said

The ordeal unfolded as rapper Don Toliver, who is signed to Scott’s label, was performing at the club.

At the after party, Scott seemingly pushing the DJ and shouting “back the f–k up” after the rapper got behind the decks.

One source claimed Scott erupted after the soundman lowered the speaker volume because “Travis had it all the way blasting and distorted.”

“Travis then walks over to the soundman yelling aggressively in his face on why he lowered the sound, then he smacks the soundman right across the face,” the source alleged, adding it caused a “big commotion” between Scott’s security and club personnel.

“He was upset about the sound. He punched one of the speakers and dented it, that’s how hard it was,” another source said of Scott’s alleged outburst.

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Written by Jamil Johnson