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Suspected Denver high school gunman Austin Lyle found dead of apparent suicide

The 17-year-old boy suspected of shooting two Denver high school administrators during a routine weapon check Wednesday was found dead of an apparent suicide, according to local reports.

Police found Austin Lyle’s body near his car around 9 p.m., law enforcement sources said

A male body was found around 8:15 p.m. Wednesday in Park County near a red Volvo SUV sought by law enforcement, Park County Sheriff Tom McGraw said during a news conference later that evening.

The body’s identification is pending a coroner’s determination, which is expected to be released Thursday, McGraw added.

“We have not identified the body at this time,”

the sheriff said

The sheriff declined to say how the death happened and declined to disclose whether there was a gun found near the body. As of Wednesday, police did not say whether the gun used in the shooting had been recovered.

A huge manhunt had been under way to track down the teenager after he shot two faculty members at East High School in Denver, Colorado, on Wednesday morning.

Denver Police said that the shooting unfolded while Lyle was undergoing a daily search at the school. The teenager was required to be patted down each day due to prior incidents, police said.

The teenager was transferred to the high school last year after he was removed from a nearby Aurora school for unspecified violations of school policies.

One of the victims was released from the hospital several hours after the shooting, but the second administrator remains in serious condition.

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Written by Jamil Johnson