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Social Media in Uproar as Popular media Brand The Shade Room Accused of Promoting Satanic Content

Popular social media platform, The Shade Room —which has carved itself a considerable following in the celebrity gossip niche— came under severe criticism after it put up content that users believed promoted Satanism.

On early Friday morning (24 February) the platform posted an imagine of Doja Cat wearing a devil out. This was followed by an immense backlash with fans lashing back at The Shade Room, prompting it to delete the post.

“The Shade Room is the same platform that subjected Black LGBT and especially LGBT youth to harassment. Zaya Wade was the perfect example. Same platform that platforms violent behavior from rap artists/reality stars. The xenophobic goon that runs that platform is delusional,” twitter user Jason (Emperor T’Challa) shot back at the Shade Room.

Shortly after deleting the Doja Cat Satanic post, the platform put up a message on their Instagram captioned, “I will never be ashamed of my FAITH.” The post went to state, “If you want to know what side of faith we stand on, we stand for God. We stand for Jesus. If you do too, throw up your [hands] in comments.”

What fans found ironic and added fuel to the outrage is the fact that the media platform is allegedly owned by prominent church leader T.D Jones and Nwandu. Users were, therefore, also quick to point out the hypocrisy. “The Shade Room proclaiming their love for Jesus, while being a hub for misogyny, transphobia, and homophobia is just wild to me,” Charley Bravo Jr. said.

“The Shade Room is allegedly owned by TD Jakes and Angelica Nwandu, they decided to remove the pics of Doja Cat devilish photo shoot, funny thing is the Shade Room post more toxic stuff about black culture than that, but they draw the line there? Now they are Christians?” Break Trends News pointed out.

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Written by Aliyah Collins