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Queen Latifah Messages Lizzo About Online Body Shaming

Queen Latifah, the acclaimed pop culture icon of over three decades, is tackling the stigma around obesity in an exciting new partnership.

The Queen underscores the significance of appreciating varied body types as she reminisces on her experience on the smash show “Living Single” in the early 1990s.

“Our goal was to remove the shame and stigma associated with people living with obesity, which she has dealt with since her time on the hit show,” Queen Latifah explained.

“We look like real people – all four of us are different; we represent women out there who look like us.”

Even in the face of skepticism, Queen Latifah’s unwavering positivity shows through. “Fortunately, I have other people around me who fill me with self-esteem when I have those moments of doubt,” she explained.

“I literally have a friend whose job it is just to remind me of who I am, you know because I’m wearing so many hats sometimes.”

To help convey happiness and support, Queen Latifah encourages people to go to the website “”

She feels that this platform can help others connect with others who share their interests and develop a sense of belonging.

“They can find other people with whom they can connect and relate, so they don’t feel alone,” she explained.

When asked how she handles harsh comments on social media, Queen Latifah gave Lizzo some inspiring advice. “Lizzo, keep doing what you’re doing,” she kindly urged. “Thank you so much for everything you’ve given us – the joy, the freedom, the positive music.”

In terms of her future intentions, Queen Latifah hinted at the prospect of performing on stage with LL Cool J. “I’ll be on his tour, so hopefully I’ll see you soon,” she teased. LL Cool J, also known as “Ladies Love Cool James,” is known for his fiery attitude, yet Queen Latifah is happy to share the stage with him.

Queen Latifah’s message connects with fans and newbies alike as she prepares to rock the stage. Her path from music to film to now breaking through boundaries to promote body positivity is an inspiration to many.

On August 5th, New Yorkers will be able to see the legend herself at “Rock The Bells,” which promises to be an amazing event for everybody.

Queen Latifah remains a symbol of strength and perseverance with her everlasting confidence and uplifting message.

Her influence on pop culture continues to grow as she encourages happiness and celebrates diversity. The Queen will live forever!

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Written by Anthony Peters