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Popular YouTuber Just Pearly Creates Rift in the Black Internet Space

Popular YouTube Hannah Pearl Davis a.k.aPearly (@JustPearlyThings) has come under fire from the Black YouTube community and fans after making comments that are considered racist. She has been accused of peddling White Supremacist propaganda talking points.

The YouTuber pushed White Supremacist stereotypes of Black women, describing Black men, in her now-deleted comments, as “lazy people” who show up late to work, and who use things like “slavery” as a victim card and a way to “manipulate” white people. These comments are ironic given that she is a YouTuber who has amassed a following by pandering to the Black “Meninism” audience and using her platform to diss women and Black feminism.

During Tate’s absence, the 26-year-old’s followers count increased by 50% to 1.3 in just three months. She has also got the TikTok algorithms working for her as her followers count soared past 400,000 and the hashtag #JustPearlyThings received 300 million views in recent months.

Now Pearl’s recent controversial comments have caused a rift in the Black YouTube community and fans, with some in support and others in vehement opposition. One popular Black YouTuber Oshay Duke Jackson has described the rift as “a civil war in the Negro tube aka Black YouTube.”

A very public feud over the Pearly saga panned out on the Six the Goddis Show when Anton Daniels of The Millionaire Morning YouTube Show showed up at a live stream and went at “Six the Goddis” (@sixgoddis) who had unfollowed and dissed him for his defense of Pearly.

“This whole debacle over Just Pearly Thing is just pulling out beef between other people and black YouTube…the thing about fanbases is that you (are) damned if you do, you (are) damned if you don’t. If you don’t say nothing, you (are) a sell-out. If you do, know, you just mad, because she doing well,” YouTuber Oshay Duke Jackson said on his channel.

“if this lady can come in, and like I said, the responses from that can divide people to this level, then it goes to show you much she ain’t worth being over here in the first place,” Oshay concluded.

Describe by many as a white female version of Andrew Tate, the podcaster, Hannah Pearl Davis, aka Pearly Things, gained widespread attention and considerable following on her YouTube channel “The Pregame Show” in absence of Tate who was locked up in a Romanian jail on charges of illegal human trafficking and prostitution. Pearl, however, denies the label misogynist.

“A lot of you guys are shitty wives. You do not cook for your man, you belittle him, and you nag on him all the time. You don’t treat him like a man,” she says in one video.

“Are Western women typically known as good wives?” she asked. “Are they sought after all over the world, or are men getting their passports and going elsewhere?”

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Written by Aliyah Collins