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Nicki Minaj Demands Internet Removal After Her Face Appearance in Tom Holland Deep Fake Video

Minaj called for the internet to be deleted immediately and voiced alarm about the usage of AI technology and its possible consequences.

The video is part of Deep Fake Neighbour Wars, a spoof program that uses artificial intelligence and visual technologies to produce drawings with famous faces.

In an unexpected turn of events, Nicki Minaj found herself at the heart of a major phony video scandal involving actor Tom Holland.

After finding her face had been digitally modified without her knowledge, the rapper rushed to Twitter on Sunday to express her astonishment and dismay, requesting that the whole internet be deleted.

The tweet from Minaj said, “HELP!!! What in the name of the AI cloning shapeshifting conspiracy theory is this?! I really wish the internet is destroyed completely.

She felt violated when she saw her image utilized in the deceptive video, which is evident in her angry response.

When a worried fan inquired about whether her picture may be used for similar parody films, Minaj reacted by claiming to be the “Queen of the British Monarchy & the Commonwealth.”

She said that she would completely banish the internet starting at 9 a.m. the next day.

“I don’t know!” Minaj wrote. However, as Queen of the British Monarchy and the Commonwealth, I officially declare the internet to be illegal. BON VOYAGE B***H.” Effective at 0900 military time tomorrow morning, July 10th, 20 hundred and 23.

The video in question is a segment from the ITVX network’s television show Deep Fake Neighbour Wars.

By using artificial intelligence and visual technology to produce skits with celebrity faces, the show mimics New Zealand’s old reality series, Neighbours at War.

The episode starring Minaj and Holland depicts them as a wedding couple dealing with a nosy neighbor, Facebook/Meta creator Mark Zuckerberg, whose visage is likewise digitally changed.

The spoof program investigates the odd circumstances caused by AI developments and their potential implications.

surprisingly, the series also features episodes in which deep fake versions of celebrities like as Kim Kardashian, Idris Elba, Beyoncé, and Billie Eilish get into strange arguments with their neighbors.

These episodes highlight the ever-changing and apparently unpredictable nature of AI technology.

It’s worth mentioning that Jay-Z’s longtime engineer, Young Guru, has already expressed worries about copyright infringement and trademark difficulties relating to AI technology.

In April, he cautioned the business about the potential dangers of deep fake videos.

As the usage of deep fake technology grows more common, events like Nicki Minaj’s show the critical need for strong rules and consent mechanisms to safeguard individuals from illegal picture editing and the possible exploitation of AI technology.

Despite Minaj’s request for the internet to be deleted, it is clear that the issues created by deep fake videos and its consequences for privacy and consent continue to demand attention from both individuals and policymakers.

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Written by Anthony Peters