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NBA Superstar Kevin Durant To Appear In “Call of Duty” As Playable Character

After having kept basketball fans glued to TV sets for over 15 years, National Basketball Association (NBA) star Kevin Durant is all set to grace gaming screens with Call of Duty.

The first-person shooter game franchise recently announced a playable character in Durant’s skin, and fans can’t keep calm.

Durant is the first NBA player to become playable in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, but international soccer stars have already taken over the game.

Durant has been announced as a playable character for Call of Duty in Season 3 Reloaded

“Two Weapon Blueprints that reference his iconic nicknames: the ‘Reap This’ AR Blueprint and the ‘Easy Money’ Sniper Blueprint. Both Blueprints are built for the all-around operator, just like how KD built himself up to be deadly all over the hardwood.”

A press release stated that in addition to Durant’s official operator, the special bundle will also include these

The special bundle to acquire Durant’s services come with much more than just the 13-time All-Star.

The 34-year-old Durant is a 38.5 percent career three-point shooter who just produced the second 50-40-90 season of his NBA career. But now he will be showing off a different kind of shooting skills in the virtual realm.

Players will also enjoy the Durant-themed additions, including “the ‘Deadly from Downtown’ Finishing Move, the ‘B-Ball’ Weapon Charm, the ‘Ankle-Breaker’ Loading Screen, the ‘Hoops’ Sticker, and the ‘KD Baller’ Animated Emblem.”

Additionally, Durant will also be a playable option on Call of Duty: Mobile during Season 4 beginning on May 18.

PSG and Argentina GOAT Lionel Messi, PSG and Brazil star Neymar Jr., and France and Juventus star Paul Pogba were all available for purchase in the game’s virtual store at different points since Modern Warfare II’s release.

While Durant is the next all-time great to grace the game, he surely won’t be the last.

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