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NBA Star Miles Bridges Surrenders To Authorities After Allegedly Violating A Protective Order

The 25-year-old allegedly entered the Lincoln County Detention Center with his attorney by his side and was accused of violating a protective order against domestic abuse, misdemeanor child abuse, and damage to personal property. A district court judge freed him on a $1,000 bail.

This comes after a police report claimed that Bridges had broken a protective order resulting from a domestic abuse case from the previous year by making contact with the victim, leading to the issuance of an arrest warrant on January 2.

He was given a criminal summons on Wednesday for breaking the injunction on October 6th. WSOC-TV in Charlotte, which first reported the summons and warrant, said that deputies had previously been unable to serve the arrest warrant.

Bridges is charged in the summons with making threats against his children’s mother during a custody swap. He reportedly hurled billiard table balls at her car, causing damage and damaging her windshield.

Bridges reportedly threatened to remove everything from the victim and stop paying child support if she notified the authorities.

The Hornets published a statement on Wednesday stating that they are continuing to collect information on this month’s charges.

After he was accused of attacking his ex-partner in front of their kids, Bridges was taken into custody in Los Angeles during the previous off-season. She shared pictures of her injuries on social media, which she subsequently removed.

She claimed to have had a serious concussion in addition to fractures to her nose, wrist, eardrum, and neck muscles that were pulled until she passed out.

Bridges entered a plea deal with prosecutors in November 2022, pleading not guilty to a charge of domestic abuse. He was also sentenced to 100 hours of community service, domestic violence therapy, and parenting education.

Bridges accepted the conditions of the 10-year protection order, which he is now accused of breaking, as part of the agreement. In addition, he received a three-year probationary period. He avoided going to prison.

Bridges received a 30-game suspension from the NBA after an independent inquiry. The league is using his complete absence from the field the previous season to add 20 games to his ban. This autumn, he will play the remaining 10 games of his suspension before the season begins.

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Written by Anthony Peters