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Mother of 10-Year-Old Sues City, Cops for $2 Million Over Public Urination Arrest

Mother of 10-Year-Old Sues City

For public urination in a Senatobia parking lot, south of Memphis, a 10-year-old Mississippi child was detained. His mother is suing. The city and three police officers are being sued for $2 million by Latonya Eason.

Last August, a police officer saw 10-year-old Quantavious Eason peeing behind his mother’s car door and arrested him. Quantavious was jailed for 45 minutes to an hour without handcuffs, according to his mother’s federal lawsuit.

After the incident, Latonya Eason sued for $2 million for her and her son’s bodily and psychological trauma. Quantavious’s lawsuit alleges he still suffers from embarrassment, harassment, PTSD, shock, and other emotional damage after the charges were dropped.

“He starts shivering when he sees police.” – Eason stated he’s scared.

Quantavious was verbally warned by a Senatobia cop for peeing in public while his mother was in an office building. After arriving, former officer Zachary Jenkins and four other cops argued that Quantavious “must go to jail” for his behaviour.

After the response, Police Chief Richard Chandler confessed the boy’s treatment broke procedure and dismissed at least one officer. After being charged with kid in need of services, Quantavious was returned to his mother.

The Eason family’s attorney, Carlos E. Moore, claims Quantavious’s detention violated his 14th Amendment rights and seeks law enforcement responsibility and reform.

“This lawsuit is not merely a pursuit of justice for Q.E. and the Eason family; it is a call for accountability and systemic change within law enforcement practices,” he said.

The lawsuit also accuses the city, police chief, and officers of excessive force and poor training. Latonya Eason said the lawsuit seeks city and police accountability.

This happened in Mississippi. This happened in America. The City of Senatobia must pay for its actions. Senatobia, pay me now or later. Trust me—you’ll pay this family “said Moore.

Richard Chandler and the other lawsuit defendants have not replied to requests for comment.

The mother of a 10-year-old Mississippi child arrested for public urinating is seeking justice and accountability in a legal struggle that highlights the complexity of law enforcement encounters with minors. A $2 million lawsuit against Senatobia and its police officers followed the event.

When the cops arrested Quantavious Eason for urinating himself behind his mother’s car in a parking lot on August 10, 2021, he was traumatised. Quantavious was imprisoned in a jail cell for 45 minutes to an hour despite being a juvenile and not resisting, according to his mother, Latonya Eason, in a federal lawsuit.

Quantavious and his family suffered bodily and psychological harm from the arrest, resulting in PTSD, emotional anxiety, and law enforcement fear, according to the lawsuit. Latonya Eason wants $2 million for her kid and herself’s agony and suffering, highlighting the gravity of the situation.

The event has raised questions about how law enforcement handles minor offences, especially involving minors. Quantavious’ arrest, custody, and court proceedings have highlighted problems regarding how to handle juvenile behaviour and its long-term effects.

The complaint has placed the City of Senatobia, Police Chief Richard Chandler, former officer Zachary Jenkins, and four unknown police under investigation. Quantavious’s 14th Amendment rights to due process and equal protection are violated, according to the lawsuit.

Quantavious’ treatment may have been affected by racism, according to attorney Carlos E. Moore. Moore stressed the need for law enforcement accountability and structural change to treat everyone with decency and respect, regardless of age or ethnicity.

The lawsuit’s claims of excessive force and inadequate training emphasise the need for policing changes. Latonya Eason wants to prevent repeat events and increase law enforcement openness and accountability by keeping the city and police accountable.

As the lawsuit unfolds, its decision will define Quantavious Eason and his family’s destiny and test law enforcement agencies’ accountability to protect juveniles in their communities.


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Written by Jamil Johnson