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Mo’Nique Claims Kevin Hart Ignored Her After Promising To Help Bring Her Show Back

Mo'Nique Claims Kevin Hart Ignored Her After Promising To Help Bring Her Show Back

According to Mo’Nique, she has not had any communication from Hart since then.
During the much-anticipated visit that Mo’Nique made to Club Shay Shay, she called out several of her contemporaries for the wrongdoings they had committed in the past.

She poked fun at celebrities like Tiffany Haddish, Oprah, and Tyler Perry. She even remembered Kevin Hart ignoring her, stating that he stopped communicating when she was blackballed by the entertainment business for coming up about her experiences. Furthermore, she recalled that Kevin Hart had ignored her.

Mo’Nique alleges that she and Hart had a close relationship and that he helped her and her family recover financially and emotionally.

She claims that he offered to collaborate with her on something to allow her to work again.

She believed this was the right moment because she was attempting to get her talk show back on the air. The words “Don’t even worry about that” are what she remembers Hart saying to her.

Regardless of what you all want to accomplish, I will work with you. We will work together as executive producers. Express to me what it is that you would like to achieve.

Kevin, I responded with a nice sh*t. This is because we are now negotiating with Endemol to regain control of our talk show,” she reveals. Unfortunately, however, the events did not transpire as she had anticipated.

When she told the firm she was working with that Hart would be involved, they were eager to have him on board. However, her hopes were quickly undermined when she learned Hart would not participate.

She is alleged to have received a phone call from Endemol, who said that they had a conversation with Hart’s manager and that the management informed them that Hart was not interested in working with her.

This was followed by her calling Hart to inform him of what had transpired, and he reassured her that it was nothing more than a “miscommunication.” Even though he had promised to talk to her later in the week, he never followed through on his earlier commitment.

It has been two years since that happened, Mo’Nique said. What do you think of Mo’Nique’s interview at Club Shay Shay not too long ago?

On the other hand, she seems to remember that Kevin Hart had deceived her.

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Written by Aliyah Collins