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Michael B Jordan had an Awkward Run-in with Classmate who called him “Corny” in School

Actor and Director Michael B. Jordan who has been promoting his new movie “Creed III” was on the red carpet when a reporter for the Atlanta-based Morning Hustle Radio show introduced herself and mentioned that she went to the same school as Michael in Newark. “We go way back, all the way back to Chad Science Academy in Newark,” the reporter said.

Michael recognized her right away and quickly interjected to remind her that she was one of the kids at the Chad Science Academy who used to “make fun” of him for having the same name as the Basketball legend. “Oh yeah, I was the corny kid, right?” Michael shot back. Reporter L’orel was not ready for this. She responded with an apologetic defence: “I did not say that, misquoted for sure.”

Michael decided not to let it go, and added that he had heard the comments on the “Undressing Room” podcast. L’orel was once again forced into defence, “I said we used to make fun of the name.”

The reporter went into damage-control mode by changing subject and noting that Michael was “killing it” in the industry. Michael is playing the central character in Creed III, a franchise “the sexiest man alive” has been associated with since 2015.

Michael recently told Good Morning America that he was pouring in all of his hard-earned experience into the movie. “It’s the first character I actually had a chance to play three times, so where I was personally with my life, you know, in acting, you try to bring your personal life to the role as much as you can, you try to make it relatable. For me on this one, I went through some transitional moments in my life, and I tried to pour that into the character, into the Creed family as much as I could,” Michael added.

Fans on social media offered support for Jordan. “His body language speaks volume here. You know it was bad when he clearly still feels some type of way about it. And she should honestly be embarrassed. People never forget their bullies even as successful adults because some of their childhood trauma also stem from that,” twitter user Jordan Sumbu said.

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Written by Aliyah Collins