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Snoop Dogg, Meek Mill, And Coi Leray Have All Pledged To Quit Using Marijuana

Meek Mill And Coi Leray Have All Pledged

Snoop Dogg Meek Mill And Coi Leray Have All Pledged To Quit Using Marijuana. Meek stated the following in a post that he published on X on Thursday, November 16: “I’m going to fly to Dubai and entirely quit smoking… I’m going to follow Snoop because my doctor told me that I have a little bit of emphysema in my chest, and if I don’t quit smoking, it will cut my lifeline in half. I was hooked to the nicotine, and this new cannabis has too many chemicals and is too unsafe to mess with my mental health!

Additionally, Coi expressed the same feelings in two other Instagram Stories. The rapper from “Players” said that she is planning to quit smoking “beginning Monday,” which would be the 20th of November on the calendar. It was written by her, “Let’s do this!”

During the course of another narrative, she had a change of heart and wrote, “I’m going to quit after Thanksgiving.”

Snoop Dogg Meek Mill And Coi Leray Have All Pledged To Quit Using Marijuana. In a grayscale Instagram post that he published on Thursday (November 16), Snoop revealed his stunning news. The post said, “After much consideration and conversation with my family, I’ve decided to give up smoking.” At this time, I ask that you respect my right to privacy.

Instantaneously, supporters voiced their approval, and others even expressed astonishment over his choice.

The response made by Conor McGregor was, “Best of luck, Snoop! On the other hand, another individual commented, “On this note, I quit too!” while expressing their support for the individual. One of the users proposed the possibility that Snoop could not even be referring to marijuana at all, but rather talking about drama. According to what they wrote, “He didn’t say smoking; he said smoke lol.”

Snoop has been dedicated to other endeavors, like as his firm, Broadus Foods, and his most recent endeavor, Death Row Games, which he is working on with his son, Cordell Broadus.

According to a statement released by Snoop, “Our vision for Death Row Games is to provide access and opportunity to diverse creators in order to empower them and to broaden the narrative around what gaming can become.” Despite the fact that we are still in the preliminary phases, my team and I are delighted to begin creating inside the UEFN ecosystem, which is where we feel the future generation of viewers are hiding out.


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