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McDonald’s new Cardi B & Offset mealprovokes backlash from some franchisees who claim it breaks the ‘Golden Arches Code’

McDonald’s franchisees are reportedly miffed about the fast-food giant’s meal partnership with rappers Cardi B and Offset – with some opting not to promote the campaign at all due to fears of negative publicity.

An unspecified number of restaurant owners have contacted McDonald’s corporate wing to express concern that the married stars – the latest to be featured in the company’s “Famous Orders” campaign – could hurt their “family-friendly image,”

McDonald’s Corp. franchisees are criticizing the fast-food chain for featuring rapper Cardi B in its advertising.

The Afro-Latina performer starred in a Super Bowl commercial earlier this month that featured a meal for couples.

These store owners say tying a restaurant chain that caters to families to an entertainer whose songs contain profanities and sexual content will hurt the brand.

These franchisees also say the partnership runs afoul of the chain’s “Golden Arches Code” of marketing guidelines for store owners and employees.

“Across our marketing, we’re focused on putting McDonald’s at the center of culture,”

McDonald’s U.S. Chief Marketing Officer Tariq Hassan said in a statement

The promotions have brought in significant business for franchisees and the company, Mr. Hassan said. He said that consumers respond to the artists’ appreciation for McDonald’s food, including Cardi B and Offset, who he said for years have had a McDonald’s date-night tradition.

McDonald’s has leaned heavily on celebrity-endorsed combo meals to boost sales at its restaurants in recent years. The company has also had partnerships with other musicians, including Travis Scott, Saweetie, J Balvin and BTS.

But the deal with Cardi B and Offset isn’t the first to unsettle McDonald’s restauranteurs.

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Written by Jamil Johnson