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Kid Cudi Responds to Rich Paul and YouTuber Jake Paul’s Claim That He Was Never “Embraced” By Cleveland: “I’m Proud of Where I’m From”

Kid Cudi Responds to Rich Paul and YouTuber Jake

Kid Cudi Responds to Rich Paul and YouTuber Jake Paul’s Claim That He Was Never “Embraced” By Cleveland: “I’m Proud of Where I’m From”. Kid Cudi wasn’t having it when Rich Paul and Jake Paul made Cleveland-related jokes.

Fans are well aware that Cudi’s hometown is an important component of the ComplexCon 2023 headliner’s continuous musical journey. Cudi often expresses his affection for the city, and the city has been known to reciprocate throughout his career.

But that’s not the image Rich Paul and Jake Paul depicted during a recent podcast debate. Around 17 minutes into the video below, the YouTuber and boxer inquired about Cudi and Cleveland with the sports agent.

Kid Cudi Responds to Rich Paul and YouTuber Jake Paul’s Claim That He Was Never “Embraced” By Cleveland: “I’m Proud of Where I’m From”. “Do I think Cudi’s treatment of Cleveland is strange?” “No, because I don’t think Cleveland ever embraced Cudi,” Rich Paul said. “You can’t expect somebody to treat a situation any different than how they were treated.”

While Rich Paul’s comments were more controlled, Jake Paul pressed further, alleging that Cudi “switched up” and “acts like he’s not from” Cleveland.

“No one knows,” he said. “And then he doesn’t connect with the people.” [He] became famous, and all the OGs are saying, ‘He didn’t do this, he didn’t do that.'”

Rich Paul stepped in again at this point, saying that he’s “never seen [Cudi] in Cleveland like that.” Jake Paul then mentioned attempting to hire Kid Cudi for a concert some years ago.

“I tried to get him to perform at the Tyron Woodley fight, just before I came out, and he asked for, like, an astronomical fee that was like ‘Fuck you,'” he was quoted as saying. “And I understand, I understand. But it’s like, this was some shit to connect back in with the city, COVID’s first event back.”

Rich Paul, on the other hand, refused to blame Cudi for this.

“I can’t put that on him,” he said.

Cudi responded to both Rich Paul and Jake Paul on Twitter, a site I refuse to refer to as X. According to Cudi, he’s not one to “hangin at Cleveland clubs or in the streets or whatever the fuck else u expect me to do” when he returns to his hometown.

“I’m the most laid-back guy around,” Cudi said. “You’re not supposed to see me, dude. That is number one. Number two: Over the years, the city of Cleveland has welcomed me. As a result, I disagree. Although radio in Cleveland may not play my trash, I had 20,000 people attend Moon Man’s Landing in Cleveland last year.

It was a success. And we’re doing it again. Not only does the city accept me, but I also make the majority of the people in that city and the state of Ohio proud. I mention the city every time I make a record. That’s all for the day. Everyone who hears my music understands I’m proud of my roots.”

Cudi reminded individuals reading his remarks that Jake Paul is an artist, not “some guy who comes out to perform at boxing matches.” Nonetheless, Cudi said that he considered the offer because of who made the request.

“I’m a painter. “A genuine one,” Cudi said. “I work as an artist for a living.” I’m not some person who shows up to boxing events to act. I entertained it because it was you, and even though it went against everything I believed in, I paid the money. My fee remains my fee. Especially for some nonsense that isn’t my style.”

Meanwhile, followers chimed in, pointing out other instances of Cudi highlighting his connection to Cleveland and the Ohio city reciprocating. In reaction to a revived social media post from the official Cleveland tourist account honoring Cudi, the Insano rapper responded with some timely, tongue-in-cheek remarks of his own.

“That was a beautiful moment,” he said. “Guess the city don’t fuck w me tho.”

Fans of Kid Cudi can expect a new album and a pair of gigs with Red Hot Chili Peppers in the coming months.


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Written by Aliyah Collins