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Keke Palmer Accuses Ex-Boyfriend Darius Jackson of Abuse

Keke Palmer accused her ex-boyfriend Darius

Keke Palmer accused her ex-boyfriend Darius Jackson of physical and emotional abuse writing in court documents. A horrifying court case is going on between actor Keke Palmer and her ex-boyfriend Darius Jackson over domestic violence. Palmer wants Jackson to be banned from seeing her. In her case file, she has put up disturbing surveillance pictures. Keke Palmer, who has been in movies like “Nope” and “Akeelah and the Bee,” also wants to be in charge of their 8-month-old son Leodis “Leo.”

Palmer told Jackson on November 5 that she didn’t want their son to go to a football game, and Jackson hit her, according to court papers seen by Page Six. They talk about a tense fight where Jackson is said to have charged Palmer, grabbed her neck and face, and thrown her backward over a couch. As proof, screenshots from surveillance cameras were shown that showed the claimed assault.

Keke Palmer accused her ex-boyfriend Darius Jackson. “In the bedroom, he slammed me on the floor and slapped my head from side to side. The next morning, he was standing at the bottom of the stairs near the front door, screaming at me as I was coming down the stairs,” she states in the filing.

Records also show that Jackson almost hit Palmer with his car as he drove away from the crime scene. Palmer called the police right away, and they talked to her, Jackson, and her family. When Jackson got a ticket, the police told him “not to come back.”

The fact that Palmer wrote in her filing that Jackson is known for having “uncontrolled, violent outbursts,” shows that they are worried about her son’s safety. She says that he would hug their child while making Palmer look bad.

Jackson and Palmer have had a lot of problems with their relationship. Jackson made things worse in July when he said bad things about Palmer’s clothes after dancing with Usher at his Las Vegas engagement. Jackson didn’t care about the abuse on social media; he stuck to his “standards and morals.”

“When I was almost at the bottom of the stairs, he grabbed me around the neck and body slammed me back onto the stairs,” she writes.

Palmer took charge of the story, which has helped her feel more confident since then. She discusses her increased freedom and sells “I’m a Motha” items. It’s pretty cool that she was in Usher’s “Boyfriend” music video.

The court record says Palmer and Jackson broke off their engagement last month, after dating for more than two years.

She added: “Given Darius’ uncontrolled, violent outbursts in the past whenever he became jealous, I became seriously concerned he would hurt our son, even if it was just to hurt me.”

Palmer was the star of the show “Alice”. She let the press know that they split the relationship about two months ago.


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Written by Aliyah Collins