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John Cena Discusses His Battle With Dwayne Johnson Over A Transfer To Hollywood: ‘I Was Wrong’

According to Cena, his hatred against Johnson stemmed from his displeasure that Johnson left the WWE to pursue a career as an A-list Hollywood actor—precisely the path that Cena would eventually follow in his own right.

At a WWE event, Cena explained, “I had to eat a little bit of crow because I didn’t do it the respectful way.” “I had to say, ‘I’m sorry, and I was wrong’ … and that’s a humbling experience.”

Cena told the media that he “completely sees and understands” how people may see him as a hypocrite for criticizing Johnson and then acting according to his wishes. In May, Cena had acknowledged that his dispute with Johnson was “short-sighted and selfish.”

Regarding initiating the feud, Cena said, “If you’ve been following what I’ve tried to do, especially as of late, publicly and personally to Dwayne Johnson, I’ve stated that although I thought I was trying to do what’s best for business.”

“I approached it incorrectly. I betrayed his confidence by asserting things about his viewpoint that I did not know of. And I was secretly a fan. I want The Rock’s return to the WWE. I took the incorrect approach but was willing to do everything to get The Rock back.

“I didn’t do it the respectful way, so I had to eat a little bit of crow,” Cena went on. It was a humbling experience for me to admit that I was wrong and apologize. Dwayne is an incredible man. I became the person I hated. I see and comprehend that viewpoint. My blunder of feuding with The Rock proved to be a valuable lesson.

Due to the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike, Cena’s Hollywood career is now on hold. Nevertheless, he decided to rejoin the WWE for the Fastlane event. When asked whether Hollywood intended to remove him from the WWE when the strike was settled, Cena said, “They do.” They do.

Cena said, “I made it clear you can’t do both because of the liability insurance.” “It would be incredibly selfish of me to try to balance both, as I would undoubtedly put many others in the film industry out of business if something were to happen to me.”

“I had to halt a project amid the strike, and I cannot discuss it now,” he said. “It’s in the midst of us. We will resume work as soon as we can. None of it is in my control. I’m crossing my fingers that we can come to a decision that pleases everyone. Coming home to my family is, I believe, the most excellent way I can aid for the time being.

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Written by Rene Harris