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Jay-Z’s Alleged Son Shares New Details About Rapper’s Relationship With His Late Mother

A woman who claimed she had an illegitimate son with world-famous rapper Jay-Z laid bare intimate details about their alleged fling in a signed affidavit, describing the series of events that led up to what she says was the moment her child was conceived.

Wanda Satterthwaite, who passed away in 2019, insisted until the day she died that Jay-Z – whose real name is Shawn Corey Carter – is the father of her son, Rymir, now 30, and she fought until her final days to try and make the rapper take a paternity test to prove her child’s parentage once and for all.

In a signed 2015 affidavit given to the Daily Mail by Rymir, Wanda claims that she met Jay-Z, who at the time went by “Rock” — in Philadelphia through her friend, Kaleesha Allen.

Wanda claimed she referred to herself as “Carmel” or “Precious” at the time and that Allen, who reportedly signed the affidavit as an eyewitness, was the only person who knew about the alleged encounter.

Wanda alleged that she and the “Hard Knock Life” emcee had “protected sex,” but that the “protection broke” when she was just 16 and Jay-Z, whose legal name is Shawn Carter, was 22,

Jay-Z’s legal team has denied Wanda’s claims.

“Affidavit of Wanda Satterthwaite and Shawn Carter relationship,”

the document, which was signed by a notary public in New Jersey on Feb. 25, 2015, begins.

“I, Wanda Satterthwaite, write these allegations about my relationship with Shawn C. Carter. I met Shawn Corey Carter in fall 1992 and he identifies himself as ‘Rock’ through my friend Kaleesha Allen, who is [an] eyewitness.

“Mr. Carter and a friend came to Philadelphia to pick up both me and Kaleesha around the area of 24th and Bolton St. in Philadelphia,” Wanda recalled.

The woman claimed that they then all drove to Jay-Z’s aunt’s apartment in Brooklyn.

She continued in the document that Jay-Z and his unnamed friend “returned two weeks later to see” her and Allen, but Allen was not present because she was “having problems at home.”

“Shawn asked me to leave with him, but I told him I could not because my mother would be upset,” Wanda claimed. “I never saw him again until a year later on television, but I had no idea of his real name until later and did not know how to reach him.”

Although these intimate details of the alleged fling are new, Wanda legally fought until she died in 2019 for Jay-Z to take a paternity test.

She died of heart failure at age 43.

Jay-Z’s legal team has denied Wanda’s claims and he has still never taken a paternity test.

The document, which was given to by Wanda’s son Rymir, was signed by his late mom and Kaleesha, the woman she says was with her at the Brooklyn apartment.

Rymir and Lillie have been fighting to prove that Jay-Z is his father since he was 21 years old. In February, Rymir filed a new motion with the New Jersey Supreme Court. He asked the court to unseal years of documents that date back to 2012. He argued that keeping them unsealed prevented him from getting justice.

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Written by Aliyah Collins