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Jason Derulo discusses his recovery from a broken neck

I landed on my head while practicing acrobatics for my tour. Because I’d been such a workaholic, it pushed me to learn to keep track of myself. It was my defining moment, and I’ve learned to accept change. It was a terrifying period; I had no idea what would happen next.

And the hardest part was not being able to control my body. It was disheartening not to be able to do basic things like tie my shoes or take a shower on my own. But it might have been a lot worse, and miraculously, I’m fully OK. It now seems to have been a horrible dream.

She is my main influence and my rock. She is the most unselfish and caring person I know, and I want to be more like her. Growing up, I saw her work so hard; she’d work a whole day and then go to law school – it was insane. She wouldn’t get much sleep, but she made it happen.

As any mother would, she is always concerned about whether or not I am getting enough sleep or eating. She’s never been bothered by my celebrity; she simply gets happy when I’m on TV or the radio – she’s my greatest admirer. My mother is retired, but she is now in charge of my charity, the Just For You Foundation.

I’m not sure what it is, but there are no worries when you’re with him. He’s also a terrific DJ; you’ll be out partying with him, and then he’ll stand up and DJ, literally turning the club up! Working on Wiggle with him was incredible.

I met him at an NFL game a few years ago, and he told me his daughter is a huge fan, so I said. “What? “I grew up listening to you!” “Let’s do something, man!” he said. I felt Wiggle would be ideal for him because of the basic and gentle tempo. “Man, I’ll have it to you in under 24 hours!” he exclaimed. In this photo, we’re hanging out at a New Year’s Eve party; we celebrate together whenever we can.

We were in the United States for a Jingle Ball event, and it was my first time meeting Rita. I was holding a bottle of Grey Goose vodka when she said, “Can I have some Goose?” “That’s my kind of girl!” I thought as she took the bottle and drank straight from it.

Rita is continually expanding her popularity in the United States. She’s more recognized in the fashion industry, but her greatest hit to date is the song Black Widow, which she co-wrote with Iggy Azalea. I don’t know Charlie very well… but she appeared kind. I wish I had her skill; I was unaware of her songs and other accomplishments.

But that is no longer the case. So you live, you learn, you go on, and you are grateful for the time you shared. We dated for three years but have lost contact.

It’s not so difficult to have a romance in the spotlight as it is to have a break-up in the spotlight. It simply keeps going because people keep talking about it…

This was during the GQ party, however, because Calvin doesn’t drink, I drank the Grey Goose myself that night! It’s amazing that he doesn’t drink in his field, particularly as a DJ, since it’s all about partying when you perform a concert.

Calvin is a good person…We’ve done a handful of gigs together and have developed a terrific rapport. Awards ceremonies aren’t exactly my thing since everyone is staring around and they aren’t comfortable. I enjoy regular gatherings because everyone is less concerned about what others are thinking.

“Want To Want Me” by Jason Derulo will be released on May 24 by Warner Bros Records.

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Written by Anthony Peters