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‘Ja Gonna Snap Out of It’: MoneyBagg Yo Says Ja Morant is Just Going Through a Phase.

Rapper MoneyBagg who is friends with the controversial Memphis Grizzlies’ star guard Ja Morant has said that Morant is just going through a face. Moneybagg said in an interview with Complex that he had spoken to his friend about the gun-flashing situation and Morant assured him ‘ima get it right.’

The 23-year-old Morant was suspended once again by the Grizzlies after flashing a gun in an Instagram Live video—his second suspension for gun-toting on social media this year.

“Unfortunately, the situation going on with it right now… He 23, I feel like it’s just a phase,’ Moneybagg said.

Moneybagg compared Ja Morant’s actions to his own when he was younger and found fame.

“Like, when I was 23…. It was like I was just doing stuff and people had to tell me, or I had to bump my head. So I’m grateful to make it out those situations. Some people don’t even shake back from certain situations, you feel me.”

Ja Morant has come under fire from fans and NBA veterans for his indiscretions and for acting like a ‘wana-be thug.’

“I had my homeboy like, I’m still pulling up to the traps. But I done went platinum and I done did this show, I done been with this person. I’d have been on interviews with you and everything, I still go back to Memphis and I’m in the trap.”

“I’m in the hood, I’m pulling on the block, smoking, chilling and he’s like “bro what you doing?” I had home boy like “bro what you got going on?”‘

Moneybagg said Morant is a just a young man who is going through a phase which will blow over soon.

‘Ja gonna snap out of it, and of course I gave him encouraging words. He was like, “I appreciate that big bro, I got you. I’m gonna get it right,”‘Moneybagg said.

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Written by Jamil Johnson