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Have Halle Bailey and DDG broken up?

Rumors were making the rounds that DDG and Halle Bailey might be splitting up.

Or were they?

It wasn’t long ago when the couple were romancing publicly with excessive display of affection.

Then things went downhill.

DDG erased all pictures of Halle Bailey and the two unfollowed each other.

It started with the rapper DDG tweeting, “All these girls the same.” This was followed by him erasing all photos of Bailey from his Instagram. The two then “unfollowed” each other.

The cryptic tweets sent the fans searching for answers. Some fans believed Bailey may have cheated on DDG.

The situated marked a far cry from November when DDG was gushing about how smitten he was with Bailey. He had said this at the Breakfast Club about Bailey, “I’ve never been with nobody that’s like really motivated me like she do. I’m seeing different sh*t. I ain’t really been around this type of sh*t before. So, it’s like, she’s bringing me around sh*t that I ain’t really—you know what I’m saying?” I was my own person before her, but in a way, she put me on to different sh*t. That’s dope because I’m usually the one putting motherf*ckers on.”

Now, after DDG’s tweet that are apparently insinuating that Bailey may have been cheating on him, Bailey’s sister has taken to Instagram to defend her, “Darryl, DDG, bruh, what’s wrong with you? Halle’s not like the ones that you’ve been with, you will not treat her the way that you’ve treated these others. I don’t give a freak if y’all had issues going on — that’s what you won’t do, please understand that.

“You’re not going to do her the way that you did everybody else. You’re not going to come to social media and try to put her on blast and insinuate or put out something to make it seem like she was doing something that she wasn’t doing. You need to pipe down and get yourself together.”

“If y’all broke up, then you need to just unfollow and keep it pushing; you don’t have to put nothing out there like that talking about ‘all these girls is the same.’ Are you dumb? Are you stupid? M’kay.”

DDG has now dispelled the rumours of a breakup by tweeting, “The internet so gullible.”

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Written by Jamil Johnson