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Gunplay Threatens to “Slap the Sh*t Out of” DJ Envy for GoFundMe Comments

Rapper Gunplay posted a video of him threatening to slap and “slap the sh*t out” of DJ Envy on a phone call for disrespecting his wife and child. Gunplay demanded a public apology from DJ Envy for talking about a GoFundMe page for his newborn daughter.

Gunplay and rapper Rick Ross have an ongoing beef going on that began with banter over car shows. The beef has now embroiled DJ Envy.

“Why you talking crazy? About me my brother. What I had to do with anything, and my wife posting a GoFundMe?” Gunplay is heard telling DJ Envy on the phone.“My baby was sick. She had a heart defect. That has nothing to do with cars. You know I’ll slap the shit out you, boy! Envy, for real, you know I’ll slap the shit out of you, right?”

Envy sounded a little shaken and responded with a meek defense: “We can fight, but that’s not the reason I’m saying that… I wasn’t trying to disrespect you. I wasn’t talking about your daughter. If you feel like you were disrespected, I’m talking to you like a man. I would never. If you feel I did, I apologize. That wasn’t my intention.”

“My wife is affected by that,” Gunplay said. “We sat in that hospital for 28 days. That shit was some real shit. It ain’t even about the money.”

“My wife is in panic mode. I told her to chill but it’s cool. We did a GoFund Me — that’ ain’t nothing so don’t bring my child into this my n-gga because then we gon’ be having bad blood, dog.”

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Written by Aliyah Collins