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Former Cleveland School Dance Teacher Receives Life Sentence for Raping Students

Cleveland’s famous school dance teacher Terence Greene was sentenced to life in prison for raping six teens and sexually assaulting two others. The former teacher, who launched the careers of many young dancers, including Broadway performers, risks life in prison.

“I’m not one to harm anyone. Half of them weren’t even my students. To listen to my life in front of me and see all that has been said… All I can say is ‘Wow, OK God, what’s next?’ God knows.” – Terence Greene

A Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court jury convicted Greene of kidnapping, felonious assault, and sexual offenses. The victims, aged 14–17, were abused by a trusted adult.

Greene denied the charges during sentence. “I’m not one to harm anyone,” he said, adding that some victims were not his students. The court’s overwhelming evidence and testimony convicted him.

Scott Ramsey, Greene’s attorney, said his client will appeal the conviction and maintain his innocence. Despite his conviction, Greene appears to be battling with his actions and their implications.

The case also revealed the Cleveland Metropolitan School District’s failure to investigate Greene’s sexual abuse claims. In 2021, the district settled with eight former students for $3.25 million for failing to investigate dance teacher accusations.

This disturbing story underscores the importance of protecting students and keeping abusers accountable, regardless of their status. After justice is done, the victims can heal.

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Written by Jamil Johnson