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Fanchon Pierce will go on a nationwide tour after her victory as Ms. Wheelchair USA 2023

Pierces said that “Believing in yourself goes a long way,” and he says so.

After being proclaimed the winner of the Ms. Wheelchair USA pageant in 2023, a Black mother from Chicago who uses a wheelchair will tour the country.

Fanchon “Fannie” Pierce, who resides in the Windy City, was awarded first place and the People’s Choice Award at the annual pageant devoted to celebrating women with disabilities, empowering women with disabilities, and advocating for women with disabilities.

“Having confidence in oneself may go a long way. A large number of people are unnecessary. You don’t need someone to tap you on the shoulder and tell you, “You can do it,” because you already know you can.

According to the magazine’s account, Pierce told herself,“You can tell yourself that” after learning she had won.

According to the article, Pierce, now 35 years old, had damage to her spinal cord due to being shot seven times in 2009. As a result, she is now required to use a wheelchair.

Pierce, now a mother of three, a member of six national honor societies, and the owner of the nonprofit peer mentorship group We Will Wheel, continues to utilize her position to encourage others to succeed despite the unforeseen hurdles that life throws at them.

Adults who use wheelchairs may compete for titles at the state, regional, and national levels in the Ms. Wheelchair USA pageant.

According to the website for the event, participants will be given the opportunity to reflect on and share what it is about themselves that sets them apart in a series of interviews and speeches that will culminate in a 10-day ceremony in the month of July.

“Ms. Wheelchair USA recognizes that all women, regardless of any disability, can be glamorous and exhibit self-confidence in personal, professional, and public life,” the group stated.

“Ms. Wheelchair USA recognizes that all women can be glamorous and exhibit self-confidence in personal, professional, and public life.”

Pierce went on a speaking tour around the state after being crowned Ms. Wheelchair Illinois in March. She visited a number of schools, conferences, and living communities on her journey.

Her goal was to urge others to advocate for themselves.

During the week preceding the final pageant, which was held on July 28 and 29 in Ohio, Pierce and the other finalists took part in educational sessions and activities with groups on a regular basis.

According to a post on their Facebook page, these activities included painting, attending the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and participating in a karaoke party.

Pierce, who just took home the title of Ms. Wheelchair USA, will spend the next year giving guest talks and making appearances throughout the United States. According to the website for the event, she also won a contract for management services.

The Ms. Wheelchair USA pageant, according to Pierce, “gives us all a chance to be able to be heard.”

To have one’s voice heard notwithstanding the presence of many others. to have the opportunity to be honored”

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Written by Anthony Peters