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Dulé Hill “The Wonder Years” star says that “Black families have always been there.”

“The Wonder Years,” ABC’s blockbuster program, returns for its much anticipated second season, transporting viewers to the summer of 1969 in Montgomery, Alabama.

This time, the program examines the lives of a middle-class black family as seen through the eyes of their young kid. The reboot has already received praise for its unique viewpoint and thought-provoking plot lines.

In an exclusive interview, Dooley Hill, who plays the family patriarch, Bill Williams, discusses the program and its relevance.

The second season of “The Wonder Years” captures the spirit of the transformational and monumental summer of 1969.

Hill argues that in his pursuit of a songwriting career, Bill Williams finds himself in New York, moving out of his comfort zone. Hill observes, “It’s a time of change, of growth, and of them evolving.”

The season delves into the Williams family’s personal and professional development, with Bill’s career milestones and the changing music environment acting as markers of advancement.

Hill underlines the significance of showing the characters’ development, not just inside the family unit but also in their interactions with the outside world. He emphasizes the parallel narratives and their importance in today’s society.

Titus Burgess’s character, Lonnie, defies assumptions about drag, sparking discussions about politics and acceptance.

Hill feels that viewers may learn vital lessons about overcoming prejudices and embracing diversity by seeing Bill traverse this foreign environment.

“The Wonder Years” succeeds in broadening the lens of representation, ensuring the inclusion of previously excluded tales.

“The original Wonder Years, as wonderful as it was, didn’t have a lot of people who looked like me,” Hill observes.

It certainly took a chunk out of existence.” The reboot hopes to transcend divides by portraying a black father who loves his children while also learning and growing along the way.

Hill shares his appreciation for being a part of a program that portrays a good and approachable image of a black family.

The actor recalls pleasantly traveling back in time to the late 1960s, an age marked by attention to detail in look, mannerisms, and speech.

Hill enjoys the chance to embrace the aura of that era by wearing the costumes and immersing himself in the world of the Williams family.

“It’s a great character to play,” he says. I’m really thrilled to be able to depict a black parent with a family—a black father who is learning along the way.”

Hill recognizes the importance of representation and the power of television in molding views and challenging societal conventions. “The Wonder Years” offers a platform for inclusiveness and understanding by exposing a middle-class black family and their ordinary human interactions.

Hill thinks that via the presentation, people will be able to see black families’ long-standing presence and acknowledge that they have always been a vital part of society.

As the second season progresses, fans can expect to see the characters mature and face new problems.

Hill teases a slew of guest performers, including Patti Labelle, Bradley Whitford, Malcolm Jamal Warner, Jack McBrayer, Donald Faison, and Titus Burgess, who already adds dimension to the show. The season aims to delight and engage with people of various backgrounds, thanks to extended stories and touching comedy.

“The Wonder Years” reinterpreted a cherished classic, allowing a new generation to connect with its ideas and experiences. The show’s capacity to cross-generational divides and put light on previously overlooked tales exemplifies television’s power.

The sitcom develops a feeling of belonging and solidarity among viewers by portraying a middle-class black family in a sympathetic and genuine way.

Don’t miss “The Wonder Years,” which airs on ABC every Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. Eastern/Pacific, as the Williams family continues to fascinate viewers with their poignant journey through the summer of 1969.

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Written by Anthony Peters