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Don’t Say Cheese: Black Ohio Woman Punched in the Face Repeatedly by Cop Seeks Justice

According to reports, on Monday, officer Stanely and Officer Time Zellers responded to a call about disturbance at a McDonald’s at Butler Township. Latinka Hancock had an argument with the McDonald’s staff over a slice of cheese, following which the staff reported a disturbance at the local police.

Chief of police John Carter said at a news conference that the police were responded to a formal request by the staff of McDonald for Hancock to “be formally trespassed from the property.”

Porter claimed that as per law, in a case of trespass, the officers were required to ask Hancock for identification, a request she repeatedly refused to comply with. The officers were, therefore, constrained to place her under arrest, the Chief of police added. Hancock, then proceeded to attack a staff member. “If you arrest me, I promise you’re going to have a problem,” she is seen telling an officer.

Porter ran the officer’s body camera footage at the news conference.

“I’m going to stand up, I’m not going to be quiet now. I’m not going to be George Floyd.”

Latinka Hancock

Meanwhile, Michael Wright, attorney hired by Miss Hancock has disputed claims of the police and said that she had left the McDonalds after being asked to do so and was waiting outside to explain to the Police what had happened. “This is an incredibly sad day when Ms. Latinka Hancock’s life has been upended over a piece of cheese,” Wright added.

“That video shows a woman explaining herself. When he asked me to identify myself it wasn’t that I’m trying to be belligerent…it wasn’t that. It’s over a sandwich, a sandwich that I have to literally now sign a paper over trespassing,” Miss Hancock told reporters.

“I’m going to stand up, I’m not going to be quiet now. I’m not going to be George Floyd,” Hancock added.

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Written by Aliyah Collins