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DJ Envy, Lil Mama, Erica Mena calls out Angela Yee over Breakfast Club claims

DJ Envy, Lil Mama and Erica Mena have called out Angela Yee over comments that she was the only woman on the Breakfast Club show when she was the show’s co-host.

On Friday, Angela Yee appeared on the Tamron Hall Show, where she opened up about her stint on The Breakfast Club with co-hosts CharlamagneTha God and DJ Envy.

Yee left the show at the end of last year after 12 years as co-host. While on the show, Yee agreed with a statement by Hall that she worked mainly with men on the show, and she felt unsupported while as a co-host.

“I was the only woman who worked there, too; I mean when it came to producers, camera peopleand it wasn’t an easy room for me to be in,”

she says in a now-viral clip.

“I feel like I did need more like backup you know because even things that I felt, as a woman … somebody can’t understand your point of view because they’re not coming from where you come from. So that was hard for me too, to be the only woman there.”

Yee further claimed that in many of the interviews which put women on the spot, she had no control despite being the one to face most of the backlash compared to Charlamagne and Envy.

Yee’s comments appeared to rub rapper Lil Mama wrong as she bashed the Lip Service podcaster for pretending to be a victim when she fully participated in dragging other women on the show.

Many fans also commented on the incident in 2011 when Lil Mama broke down in tears following questions and statements by Charlamagne as well as how K. Michelle was treated on the show some years back.

DJ Envy also disputed Yee’s comments as being the only woman working on the show. “Just not true,” he said in one comment and added in another, “There are plenty of women that work behind the scenes on (The Breakfast Club).”

Erica Mena also called out Angela Yee accusing her of being an enabler in DJ Shrimp living a double life.

“Is this the same woman who helped Dj shrimp play along in living this double life once upon a time?” Mena questions.

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Written by Jamil Johnson