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Cardi B Unapologetic About Striking Fan with Microphone During On-Stage Incident

Even though she was found not guilty of the assault charges that were brought against her, Cardi B has said that she does not feel any regret for throwing the microphone at the concertgoer.

DJ Envy and Charlamagnetha God, questioned the rapper “Bodak Yellow” on if she “regrets throwing that microphone at that young lady?”

Cardi B did not waste any time defending her side in the debate. She rationalized her actions by stating, “It was really like a quick reaction, and let me tell you, I didn’t want to tackle it because I believed [I was] gonna go to jail, but I’m not…and everyone was accountable for their right?

“She then started to explain the matter more in-depth, saying, “Let me tell you something, right? It was so damned hot that f***. This heat wave in Vegas is nothing to make light of. If it hadn’t been for the air conditioning, I might have passed out from the heat.

During one particular portion of the performance, I requested that the audience pour water over my head. My face was hurt, so after I told them to spray me, I cautioned them not to handle the can too roughly. This was after I had already told them to spray me.

By the time we got to the fourth song, however, nobody was splashing me anymore.

I told everyone to spray me for a fraction of a second, and then, I don’t know, fifteen to twenty minutes later, this b***h poured water and ice on my face. ”

In her words: After that, I just found myself stretching out of habit, and my body responded. I didn’t even know if I was throwing it in her direction or not; I just tossed the rubbish because it’s like “b**** you hit me right in my face.”

She said that after spending some time watching the recording of the incident, she came to the conclusion that the member of the crowd who hurled ice at her did it on purpose in order to strike her in the face with the ice.

Cardi B acknowledged that some people were dissatisfied with the way that she responded to the ice. Still, she proceeded to encourage those people to imagine getting smacked in the face with ice and water while she was on stage, and she then challenged them to consider how they would feel in that circumstance if they were in her position.

“No, you intended to throw that s*** in my face because you threw it like [overhand],” the other person said. It made me feel as if someone had broken into my personal space. “I’m like, nah, you intended to throw that s*** in my face.”

Although Cardi clarified that the request to spritz her with water came during “one little segment” of her performance, she nonetheless admitted having made the announcement.

She explained why she believed the entire incident was planned by pointing out that none of her other admirers had gotten water in her face. She said all her other followers were careful not to do so.

She asked how 10 people could splash me without hitting me in the face, but for you to strike me squarely in the beginning when trying to be humorous.

Cardi B brought the discussion over the interview issue to a close by stating that she was pleased to slap the individual with the microphone since “they weren’t really a fan.”

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Written by Anthony Peters