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Cardi B and internet rattle on social media sensation Groovin Gorilla ban from TikTok

Thousands of people on Black Twitter launched a petition to ban the Big Groove. The performer that Black Twitter wants cancelled is a bodybulilder and dancer named Big Groove.

Big Groove posts a series of videos where he’s eating food and dancing in restaurants. He used to go by the name “Grooving Gorilla”, but changed his name after backlash.

Folks on Black Twitter are upset with his antics, and are saying that the imagery he pushes is detrimental to Black people, because it plays into negative stereotypes.

On Black Twitter they refer to Big Groove as “the dancing gorilla.”

Black Twitter really went into an Upraor, when the Big Groove did a collaboration with other TikToker that is also under fire is a comedian named Elijah Smith, who goes by the handle officialyuddygangtv. In Yuddygang’s videos he eats food – typically chicken, and makes funny noisesnoises, Black Twitter is referring to Elijah as the “chicken boy”– where they danced and made noises, while eating Chicken and Waffles.

But not everyone wants to ban the two influencers. Hip hop star Cardi B is coming to their defense. Cardi, who made a name for herself pushing stereotypical behavior onto young women, is claiming that the influencers are “just trying to get paid.”

“People from other races are doing more stupid things than Yuddygang and Big Groove and are not being canceled. So black folks should give them a break.”

According to Cardi B

Cardi went further to compare Groove and Yuddy to Mr. Bean, claiming that she does not find Mr. Bean funny, but that does not mean that he should be canceled.

Earlier this year, a self proclaimed “activist” on social media created a petition on Change,org – in an attempt to havsth two social media influencers “banned.”

So far thousands of people have signed the petition, and as of today both Big Groove and Muddy are trending on Twitter.

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Written by Jamil Johnson