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Brittney Griner Speaks Out for American Journalist Detained in Russia on Espionage Charges

WNBA star Brittney Griner has expressed her concern over the arrest and detention of Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich in Russia on espionage charges.

Griner who was detained and jailed in Russia and released last year after a high-profile prisoner swap between the United States and Russia said: “Every American who is taken is ours to fight for and every American returned is a win for us all.”

In a statement on her Instagram, the basketball star urged the Biden Administration to use “every tool possible” to bring the American reporter back. “Our hearts are filled with great concern” for Gershkovich and his family,” the statement notes.

Gershkovich, 31, was arrested last week by Russian authorities on charges of espionage. The Wall Street Journal, Mr. Gershkovich and his family deny the charges.

Griner and her wife also called on their fans and supporters to encourage the Biden Administration to take all measures to ensure that the reporter is brought home safely.

On Friday, the Biden Administration urged the Russian authorities to release the journalist. VP Kamala Harris who was asked about the arrest on her trip to Africa said “We will not tolerate — and condemn, in fact — repression of journalists.”

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Written by Jamil Johnson