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Black TikToker says woman called the cops on them for shoveling snow

Two Black men shoveled a lady’s sidewalk (for free) and she came outside threatening to call the police, claiming they weren’t showing her any “respect” despite their good deed.

Gregory McAdory, who uploaded the video to TikTok on Feb. 18, said in an interview with The Daily Beast that he and his friend have a snow removal business in Rockford, Illinois.

He explained that on Feb. 17 they finished clearing his friend’s father’s driveway, then moved onto the sidewalk in front of the neighbor’s house. That’s when the neighbor came out and “bugged” up on them, threatening to call the police, he said.

“When the police is called on people of my color, just to be on the safe side, I just say, ‘Record’,”

McAdory said

In the video, McAdory and his friend are seen speaking with an older white woman as she stands on a sidewalk, holding a shovel.

“You’re seriously mad because we cleaned off your sidewalk?” asks McAdory.

The woman, who later identifies herself as “Brunny,” ignores McAdory’s question and moves shoveled snow back on the sidewalk.

“Don’t trespass that line!” she says with an accent, pointing towards a makeshift barrier made out of snow. “I don’t need anything from you!”

McAdory tries to explain to the woman that they are helping her. The friend re-shovels the snow off the sidewalk, and the woman calls the police.

“That’s trespassing property,” she claims.

Eventually the two were told by the cops to avoid the drama and just leave the woman’s property alone, per a second TikTok video. However, McAdory told he was only trying to do an act of kindness because the woman had complained about them shoveling their friend’s driveway before.

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Written by Jamil Johnson