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Ben Stiller defends Robert Downey Jr. blackface in “Tropic Thunder”

The Stiller directed film about a group of hapless actors who are forced to fend for themselves after getting lost on location was a hit its release in 2008.

But it has since been labelled offensive in some quarters due to Downey, Jr’s portrayal of an actor who darkens the pigment of his skin to play a black soldier.

Ben Stiller has denied issuing an apology on behalf of his hit comedy Tropic Thunder after it was targeted by woke millennials for perceived racist undertones and offensive depictions of the disabled.

Stiller, 57, responded to a tweet that asked him to “please stop apologizing for doing this movie.”

“It was and still is funny AF … Even funnier now with cancel culture the way it is. It’s a MOVIE. Ya’ll [sic] can just get over it. I was DYING laughing when I first saw it back in the day and so was everyone else,” the user wrote.

The actor responded that he’s “proud” of the action-comedy.

“I make no apologies for Tropic Thunder. Don’t know who told you that. It’s always been a controversial movie since … we opened. Proud of it and the work everyone did on it,”

Stiller, who both starred in and directed the film, tweeted

The movie follows a group of actors who get lost in the jungle while shooting a war film and are left to fend for themselves as they face real danger with nothing but their acting skills.

But it has since been labelled racially offensive in some quarters due to Robert Downey, Jr’s portrayal of Kirk Lazarus, an Australian method actor who surgically darkens the pigment of his skin to play an African-American soldier.

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Written by Jamil Johnson