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Atlanta Police Officer Fired For Using A Stun Gun On A Church Deacon Who Died

On August 10, Atlanta police director Darin Schierbaum dismissed Officer Kiran Kimbrough for fatally stun-gunning a 62-year-old Black deacon over a traffic infraction. The chief fired Kimbrough Monday after an internal probe.

“Part of my job is to assess, evaluate, and adjust how this police department is carrying out its sworn mission to serve and protect the citizens of this city,” Schierbaum said. I know local police struggle every day. I like these assessments.”

Schierbaum ruled days before Kimbrough’s Hollman/bodycam. After a hearing with witnesses, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis promised to share the film, Hollman family lawyer Mawuli Davis said Monday. It may be on Thursday.

Kimbrough was administratively absent. Attorney Lance LoRusso said Tuesday that Kimbrough “vehemently denies any wrongdoing or policy violations” and would fight his removal.

Our renowned police officer client awaits the inquiry, said LoRusso. Any death is sad. Officer Kimbrough’s legitimate arrest and detention of Mr. Hollman did not murder him.

Hollman’s family wants Kimbrough prosecuted with murder after seeing the tape. The family is upset about Kimbrough’s Tuesday termination, says daughter Arnitra Hollman.

Still unfinished. Continue fighting. We must continue. Proceed “Hollman. A termination was sought. Further. Our father deserves justice.”

Davis said prosecution may take months.

Black Atlanta police cadet The Georgia Peace Officer Standards & Training Council says Kimbrough was recruited in March 2021 and commissioned in October. He was suspended for a day in 2022 after a car accident, written admonished in March after an anonymous citizen complaint, and orally chastised in April following a second citizen complaint, according to department materials.

Hollman was unconscious when apprehended following a minor vehicle accident. Relatives reported church deacon Hollman hit another car crossing a major road west of downtown Atlanta after Bible study at his daughter’s house and lunch with his wife.

Police arrived after Hollman, and the second driver waited over an hour.

Kimbrough stun-gunned and detained Hollman, who police claimed became “agitated and uncooperative” after filing a collision ticket. Georgia Bureau of Investigation says Kimbrough threatened Hollman after fighting.

Davis called Schierbaum’s assertion that Hollman “failed to sign” the citation Tuesday a “false narrative” and claimed the film would show he signed twice. Instead of detaining non-signers, Atlanta police charge “refusal to sign” for traffic violations.

Arnitra Hollman believed the video would clear her dad.

“We want the narrative on his name changed,” she added. I want his name back. Our dad needs rest.”

Following Hollman’s death, Atlantans opposedthe police’s plans for a massive public safety training complex.

An autopsy shows Hollman died of heart illness and murder.

Medical examiner Dr. Melissa Sims-Stanley told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that Hollman was unconscious after seeing the video and talking to a GBI investigator. Davis claimed Hollman told the officer he had asthma and couldn’t breathe.

Her father contacted Arnitra Hollman 17 minutes before the catastrophe.

Monday, Atlanta City Council sought incident footage. On Tuesday, GBI spokesman Nelly Miles called the investigation “active and ongoing.” She said the GBI and prosecutors decide whether to disclose footage before trial.

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Written by Anthony Peters