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Amazon Warehouse Argument Over A Joke Leads To One Guy Threatening To Murder The Other With A Box Cutter: Police

Amazon Warehouse Joke Sparks Box Cutter Threat

The Amazon Warehouse Joke Sparks Box Cutter Threat – A serious incident you need to know about. The Las Vegas Police Department reportedly apprehended Kenneth Durhal on October 13, and he is now being charged with attempted murder and battery with a dangerous weapon. The media in Las Vegas provided this information.

According to the records presented in court, the victim and Durhal were having lunch with a group of their colleagues on October 12 at around 8:30 p.m. when the victim made a joke that made Durhal feel uncomfortable.

The victim informed the police that Durhal invited him to go into the locker room to have a conversation, and while they were there, Durhal reportedly got a box cutter out of his locker.

The restroom and the locker room were linked; therefore, when the two guys got into an altercation in the bathroom, it was because the two rooms were connected.

During the confrontation, the victim claimed that Durhal got out of the box cutter and started hitting and cutting him. The victim was the one making these allegations. The victim said that because of what happened, he had wounds to his head and neck.

The victim told the police that he had shoved Durhal and hit him in self-defense before Durhal placed him in a headlock and threatened to kill him. The police reported that the victim made these statements.

According to the statements made to investigators by a witness, Durhal can be heard saying, “I’m going to end this fool.”

According to the station’s report, bystanders intervened when Durhal sought to take the dispute outdoors but instead persuaded him to wait inside until the police came.

During the inquiry, the detectives gathered video surveillance footage and other evidence. The next day, Durhal was detained at his apartment without any disturbances.

When authorities questioned the suspect, he claimed he denied carrying a box cutter when the two got into a fight. Instead, he told detectives that he took his wallet and phone charger from his locker during the altercation between the two parties.

The police also observed that Durhal’s narrative looked to be contradictory when he was being interviewed.

It has been ordered that he maintain a safe distance from the victim until the preliminary hearing scheduled on October 31 at the Justice Court of Clark County.

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