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Afroman Is Getting Sued by Law Enforcement Officers Who Raided His House For Using Footage from the Raid in His Songs and Social Media

Afroman is reportedly being sued by seven members of Ohio’s Adams County Sheriff’s Office who raided his houses last year in August, claiming that he subsequently invaded their privacy, and caused them “emotional distress, embarrassment, ridicule, loss of reputation and humiliation.”

Seven law enforcement officers from the county, comprising four deputies, two sergeants, and a detective carried out a raid at the house of Joseph Foreman (a.k.a “afroman”) looking for narcotics. The raid, however, turned out to be futile as no narcotics or illegal substances were recovered from his house and no charges were filed. Afroman was not home at the time of the raid.

According to the officers Afroman who filmed the entire raid subsequently use their faces, without consent, in his videos and social media posts which caused them to hurt and damage. According to the Ohio Revised Penal Code, using footage without consent is a misdemeanor.

As per the suit filed by the officers, Afroman allegedly congratulated them on carrying out the raid on Tik Tok: “Thank you for getting me 5.4 MILLION hits on TikTok I couldn’t have done it without you! Congratulations again you’re famous for all the wrong reasons[…]”

The suit further adds that Afroman “created dozens of videos and images of Plaintiffs’ personas and posted them on various social media platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Snap Chat, TicTok, and Instagram.” The rapper has referenced the incident in two songs called “Will You Help me Repair My Door” (a reference to the raid when his door was knocked down)

The 48-year-old rapper has denied the claims of the officers and said that he will sue them back.

He had said this after the raid: “While I’m out here working and paying taxes the Adams county sheriff department is at my house kicc-ing in my door and stealing my money.”

“One time my house got burglarize while I was on tour. For home insurance purposes I tried to fill out a police report. The cop came out three days later he told me they was really busy. He took my report. I would call every day and see if there was any progress being made.

“The Adams county sheriff department threaten to arrest me for checc-ing up on the case too frequently. I excepted the fact that the police department is not necessary here to protect and serve me a blacc man in America so I just took my loss and never called bacc. Now here they are kicc-ing in my door looking for weapons of mass destruction and 100,000,000 pounds of weed lol wow Donald Trump calls these investigations witchhunts.”

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Written by Aliyah Collins